Please, let me know how to configure HDS to be able to monitor raid1 array and also booth disks attached. Also when saw viatech answer, an idea cross my mind: Windows , XP and Server Previously on older systems XP, Vista with the recommended 5. I just selected these completely different models to illustrate the current situation. So indeed is a bug, but not in HDS. But has no information about the “raw” communication between the controller and the software.

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VIA V-RAID Driver 6.10A

And another question appeared too: And the status of the Seagate hard disk is not detected in both Hard Disk Sentinel and in the Via tool. Previously on older systems XP, Vista with the recommended 5. There are possible two types setup package you may have. For this, please open an elevated command prompt by starting CMD.

EXE will install components. Maybe hdsantinel may help here too It seems on your system the controller works differently than on others tested previously, that’s why only one hard disk detected from the configuration.

So indeed is a bug, but not in HDS. With Windows Device Manager, it is possible to manually install the driver if we locate the controller and select the manual installation from a specific folder.


Previously you did not send developer report. I’m trying to reproduce, examine with more details on similar configuration, similar controller and OS version, because this controller previously tested with other OSes, not Win Controlldr x64 you use.

The alphabetic is always appended after version field raif represent the qualification by Windows Hardware Qualification Lab.

I’m still investigating the possibilities and do the best, but not sure if we can have a solution without the driver update – which will never happen, according the official response about the end-of-life status of this controller. Then enable “Advanced” and click “Next”.

VIA VT RAID Controller • Hard Disk Monitoring

Raid controller is displaying booth disks as well as Hard Disk Sentinel See pictures attached, confirming this The second one disk GB and also resulted raid1 array is not displayed or monitored at all!!! It has been required to run in console hdsentinel.

Windows 98se Windows Millennium.

VIA Technologies assumes no responsibility f or any errors in this document. They would execute the setup through command line in console or batch file execution without closing any popped dialog popped or pressing next buttons. Taiwan [end snip] So this controller will not work correctly on w2k8r bit. vua

In this section, we show the detail file list of ZIP-compressed package in which include setup and driver files. With older drivers, yes, exactly as you can see, only partial and sometimes even incorrect status may 64421 detected. After the first time execution, you could have choice to make Update and Remove.


Installed w2k bit driver, rebooted the system That’s the reason I’ve attached report here! The extracted file will be deleted automatically after controler has been terminated.

Else, if you are going to remove the installed driver in contropler system, please active the Remove radio button and press next button to enter next steps. Please send an image – as maybe your VIA tool works differently and may display something even partial information which can help.

One is compressed as a zip file includes visible setup and driver files. Due to the driver version Hard Disk Sentinel do not attempt the detection if the driver may not support the functions properly.

VIA V-RAID Driver A Driver – TechSpot

Silent install all component and reboot cia computer. Thank you for your time and for your efforts, you are doing here a very good job by creating this piece of software and offering quality support for it. There is nothing to hide.