The average consumer laptop will come with only one year of coverage. Given the intended use of this laptop — lots of travel — the three-year warranty is appropriate and should offer peace of mind. Toshiba gets points for being conservative in its claims. STEP 3 Remove the memory stick. I think that the Toshiba M2, R, M are among the best-engineered notebooks you find these days.

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Toshiba Portege R Review (pics)

These drives aren’t quite as fast as standard 2. More RAM is a good idea as the 1. Disconnect the PC card connector cable on the system board. Remove the PC card connector. The latest drivers from Toshiba are getting a bit dusty, but this seems to be par for the course when talking about laptops. The Toshiba Portege Tosniba is an ultra-slim and light and we mean it! I have owned a lot of portables ranging from sexy Apples to business workhorses and even a VAIO ultra slim.

The most likely configuration of this laptop for most people will be with the extra battery attached.

Disconnect the hard drive flex cable on the system board and remove it. CyberBlade also offers DVD playback acceleration and power management features.


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Portegw the modem card. The Toshiba has a trackpad with two buttons and a comfy keyboard that’s reasonably roomy since the unit has sufficient width and depth to accomodate a standard notebook keyboard.

Trident s video card assets were bought by XGI and it is unclear what kind of driver support one can expect for this part in the future.

Intel Centrino chipset. Disconnect the video cable and the FL inverter cable on the system board. Start removing the keyboard securing strip with a sharp object. Given the intended use of this laptop — lots of travel — the three-year warranty is appropriate and should offer peace of mind.

The display is crisp, decently bright and color toshlba. Again, since the unit has reasonable depth and width, it can accomodate this size LCD, which means text will be readable and even if your eyes aren’t the greatest, you should have no problems seeing what’s on screen.

Phone Reviews by Brand. The docking connector is on the bottom of the R, and the unit supports hot-docking. The screen is adequately bright with good contrast and fast response time.

Most slim notebooks that I have come across use Intel s integrated video that is part of the GM chipset. Carefully lift up the wireless card board to disconnect it from the system board and turn it over. None can match the R for sexiness. Having said this, the Toshiba utilities are quite benign and can be hidden from view but still eat up bits of memory. STEP 4 Remove all screws securing the bottom of the notebook. Visit our network of sites: Backside of the Toshiba Portege R view larger image.


They indicate power, primary internal battery, secondary removebale battery, WiFi, caps lock, num lock and SD access. There are rumors that Toshiba is considering an exit from the PC business Barron s article last December — http: Remove two screws securing the hard drive cover and remove the cover. The first one that stands out is the megabytes of RAM. Hopefully these are unfounded. Disconnect the flat keyboard cable on the system board. It gets Intel s series