The Mixtreme PowerPak comes with a suite of software that is intended to give the buyer all the necessary tools to record. I recognize that for most applications, particularly ones with short cable runs, unbalanced cables are fine. This system is well thought out, efficient and very capable. The card sounded very good. I received a package that included the Mixtreme Powerpak – – an entry-level complete set which included an iBox-2, a Mixtreme PCI interface card and a bevy of bundled software packages and manuals.

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As I do with every new product, I first read the manuals. Mackie held off on signing the contract, as their investigations into Sydec’s heath had shown that the company was vulnerable and eventually made an offer to buy the shares of Sydec which was accepted.

The boast was that even if the PC crashed, the system would continue recording, and this was demonstrated regularly.

However good this card sounds, and it does sound very good, its converters are dated. This was beginning to get fun! Eventually, Soundscape will have to upgrade to bit converters and to 96kHz. LinkedIn News, tech talk and other good stuff.

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Of course, the litmus test is how it sounds. The reality is other manufacturers have jumped ahead in the converter arena. He later concentrated on developing the specifications for the Soundscape products as they moved into the demanding high end markets in broadcast and film sound. Soundscape rightfully touts the benefits of DSP processing heavily. In the Soundscape R. The company continues to develop and release new software.


Social Media Twitter Up to characters of interesting, funny and sometimes important stuff. SincePyramix particularly had begun to fill the void vacated by Soundscape.

Thus my resulting confusion was explained. The eq allows for very precise or very broad frequency settings, as you see fit.

Live Consoles L L L Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject’s importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance. The Soundscape side of Sydec’s business, which by now had risen to approximately 10 people, half of the company, was still doing well, but without income from the other half, Sydec needed extra revenue badly. If you are updating from a previous MadiXtreme Driver Version, please open the MadiXtreme Control Panel App after successful moxtreme and check if the new driver could be started.

Above the bus settings, the mixer has vertical stereo sliders with a mini-window to show soundscapw levels of amplitude change from slider movements. I received a package that included the Mixtreme Powerpak – – an entry-level complete set which soundscapd an iBox-2, a Mixtreme PCI interface card and a bevy of bundled software packages and manuals.

Like Chris, who had started designing products for music synthesizers, soundscspe, samplers, keyboards, drum machines in his spare time his day job was as a Senior Electronics Designer in telecomsJohan was also an avid rock guitar player and music fan and had started the design at home. The DSP processing on the Mixtreme enables real-time processing of all of these different elements, providing a very flexible environment for creating music while putting minimal load on the host CPU.

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Nixtreme clicked on the Mixer icon, entered the password provided with the Mixtreme.

Views Read Edit View history. Otherwise Windows may reset certain registry entries to a previous state on each reboot and the SSL Soundscape Devices may not work as expected. I was able to soundsscape the EQ of each track by double-clicking in the Mixtreme mixer eq bar.

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Double click on each Madixtreme Device. This article does not cite any sources. I chose Samplitude as my multi-track program. A plan mixreme formed to provide a 24 track recorder plug-in board for Tascam digital mixers, but at the end Tascam didn’t sign the contract as they had received a better offer from one of their existing 3rd party developers in end the product never appeared.