The Digital Wave Player software supports the renaming of audio files and creating custom folders for archiving files. How are folders created and renamed in Digital Wave Player? In addition, this voice recorder features a Handheld design. Most relevant reviews See all 10 reviews. Pressing the STOP button stops the playback and resets the recorder to normal playback speed. Subfolders can be named with up to 20 characters.

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VNPC Digital Voice Recorder &gt Product Support

The batteries may be depleted. The function is identified by an icon that looks like a microphone. I have switched the HOLD button so that the voice recorder is activated, but nothing happens. How are files erased from the VNPC? Can the playback speed be controlled? How are files renamed in Digital Wave Player?

Adequate but not great I bought this for somebody else, thinking it was similar eecorder the Olympus WS which I have been using for some years. Optionally, you may instead highlight the file, select Rename File in the Edit menu, and overwrite the file name.

It’s adequate for dictation but a bit irritating if you have to listen to a full-length lecture or talk. I do recordings to send to my son in Australia but he is unable to convert the recording to something that he can listen to on his PC.


All your recording files are stored in the built-in Less than 16 MB memory.

VCVA is enabled in the recorder menu. The VN cannot be connected to a computer.

Product Support

Most relevant reviews See all 10 reviews. Which computer operating systems support the VNPC? WAVE files are very large and difficult to e-mail because of their size.

It’s adequate but very basic. The earphone plug may be plugged into the recorder or the volume may be set to the minimum level.

Good, olyympus, easy to use but the wrong recording format for me. This is because the bit depth used to expand the memory capacity in the recorder cannot be converted into a format with the file properties necessary to create an audio CD. To order the BSU battery charger, click here. Please check the following: I have owned and used one of these machines for a couple of digitall now, It is very easy to use and so useful.

Olympus VN-120 Voice Recorder

How are folders created and renamed in Digital Rceorder Player? How is the playback volume controlled? The three recording quality modes provide options for recording high-quality sound files or expanding the memory capacity by using a lower-quality recording mode. If you are required to regularly e-mail files for transcription, you may wish to consider an Olympus digital recorder that uses the DSS audio format.


Hold the voice recorder in an upright position, and insert the batteries in the battery compartment so that the positive terminals vlice facing downward on BOTH batteries.

Olympus VNPC Digital Voice Recorder (16MB) Overview – CNET

The able and baker folders are subfolders of Folder B. How is the recording volume controlled? The bundled Digital Wave Player software and USB cable enable the downloading of audio files to a computer, where they can be managed and archived.

To rename a folder, right-click on it, then left-click Rename Folder and overwrite the folder name. The VNPC ships with a USB cable and software so that recordings can be downloaded to a computer for storage, management and editing.

To erase the contents of Folder A, B, or C: Using purely numeric naming models may create problems when archiving audio files, therefore alphabetical or alphanumeric combinations are recommended.