A brief explanation of each mode appears below. A notable exception was LapLink by Traveling Software. Users browsing this forum: If your Adapter is compatible it should work right out of the box. Check out Brutman’s webpage for a number of applications that can work on the TCP-protocol. NetWare refers to this mode as “Search on all opens. CFG file will apply to all applications, so users should choose the mode that works for the majority of their programs.

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It connects to the machine using the parallel port and the packet driver makes it look just like a real Ethernet adapter. Under no circumstances shall this document be construed as creating or expanding any warranty of product performance. X version of Invisible LAN.

DOS TCP/IP Networking with Packet Drivers

It’s too easy to misspell a parameter or overlook a line. All times are GMT Go back to Support FAQ. Novell Technical Services has discovered a problem during installation when 1 you have a personal Windows directory on the network and 2 the workstation is booted running the NetWare Shell NETX.

A full implementation requires more memory than is doss available on an old PC. This setting has ramifications for print job configurations as well. If you are experiencing such problems, and before you call Novell or your network maintenance expert, try the following test.

BAT file changes to the following: So you can use it, but you will have to live with any bugs and limitations. There are lots of factors that go into choosing networking hardware.


GRP line to the [Groups] heading and placing that group first in the Order line. To use this option, you need to have an NDIS driver for your network adapter. When you use this search mode, the DOS Requester will always be able to look in the search drives, even if the application specifies a path.

The auto-reconnect capabilities allow for the restoration of “passive” resources such as server connections and drive mappings.

Supported DOS Network Cards/Chipsets

Back ne22000 DOS was a current operating system many machines were not network connected at all. INI file, you should copy the second section from the sample file.

The good news is that networking adapters and equipment is as inexpensive as it will ever get, and most machines running DOS can easily make use of used equipment that people are just throwing away. Reply with quote Re: All similar models are NE Compatible. The application will behave as if you were running it on a standalone machine with DOS only.

By following these recommendations, you should have a more stable client environment for you and your users. Protocol suites are interesting but most people do not interact with them; they use applications that hide the details doss the protocol suite and underlying data transfer medium. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

This search mode is exactly like Mode 1, except that if the application has no defined directory path to search and open files, the DOS Requester will look in the search drives only if the open request is a read-only request.


But performance is not as good as with the first approach and the “one size fits all” philosophy leads to some design compromises that may not be good for the individual programs.

Universal TCP/IP Network Boot Disk

BAT file is the insertion of the following line as the very first entry in the file:. This frame type deviates slightly in its frame specification from the more widely-used You ns2000 to use a text editor or word processor to create the file. The main point to remember is that if you are running Windows, be sure the changes described above are placed in their proper files in order for the DOS Requester to work properly.

The install-ation algorithm first looks to copy compressed files, then non-compressed files. Being realistic, doe are me2000 going to want to use DOS to surf the web. Along with that, I have to have the dos drivers for that nic, ie: Other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.