The unit also has a bass and treble equalizer in which you can save 3 different presets for individual phones. Originally posted by stallion11msu Trawlerman, not sure if you’ve seen this. I’m not too woried as this is not a life or death situation, I just think that with a piece of kit costing as much as it does the inclusion of gumstick cells could have been doable. Visit Extended Warranty Support. The sound, and portability, of these things is fantastic Find information and receive instant notifications about your product. Like many other portable units from Sony, it incorporates a Digital Mega Bass sound system which provides a rich, deep bass tones with digital signal processing for virtually inaudible harmonic distortion.

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This m not have been too much of a problem excepting the fact that my new MZ-N has a big bulge on the rear that makes the unit somewhat unweildy. A number of people have also expressed a dissatifaction with the battery.

Post 15 of This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons. As one or two people have already commented on this board, the sound is quite good through decent ‘phones.

: Sony MZ-N Net MD Walkman Player/Recorder (Blue): Home Audio & Theater

Maybe it’s just the Japanese models that have them. A step towards that N1 you wish you would’ve bought.

The four way rocker switch on the front of the unit has caused me some issues with tracks advancing on their own when slight pressure has been exerted on the unit when zipped up in my jacket pocket. My previous MD units have all had relatively flush fitting buttons have and allowed me to carry a number of discs in the same case, this one however is proving to be somewhat different. So how does it sound?


Sorry about the lack of comments on sound, I can’t “hear”. Battery life with this unit is quite acceptable.

Sony Net MD Walkman MZ N707 Type R

Joe, you know you have to get the blue DR7. It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Feb 11, at 9: Feb 12, at 8: This inacceptable inconvenience is meant to prevent piracy, but in effect is just a hassle to work around.

I was a little disappointed with the charging stand. The MZ-N is a reasonably neat machine.

In some countries this m not be legally possible; if so: LP2 mode, however, is completely acceptable for music, and still allows you to get minutes on an minute disc. Originally posted by stallion11msu Trawlerman, not sure if you’ve seen this. This shows all the trademarks of poor design – why could the stand not serve as both m707 charger and AC power input as is the norm for laptops and the like?

And if I had a pound for the number of times I’ve hit Record to get the Low Battery blinking and have no gumstick to hand, I could probably afford another portable player! Either process is quick, certainly much, much better than the old style m707 Feb 9, at 9: Support by Sony mobile app: Post 11 of Commons is a freely licensed media file repository.

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If you’re thinking of getting a bog-standard MP3 player, think again and at least consider this before parting with your hard-earned cash. After much deliberation, I have just picked up my first Net-MD nz, a Mmz MZ-N and intend to use it just for making quick compilations without all the hasle of recording in real time on my main rig.

The upside however, is that if you own another MD unit that was supplied with the Silver RM-MC11l remote, they are toltally interchangable so you can use that one instead.

mzz To use the AC adapter one has to remove the player from the stand and pug the same cable used for the stand to charge the battery, into the bottom of the player. On the unit itself the buttons comprise of a four-way rocker switch that controls play, pause, stop, fwd, back.

This machine proved to be no different to other portables and was supplied with a most craptacular pair of phones.