Email Required, but never shown. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. If the motherboard screw is difficult to remove from the standoff, even when using pliers, do not use grease or oil to attempt to loosen the screw. From experience over many years, they are all standard threads and size, but not length, that varies by case manufacturer. The bore depth on the plate can vary as much as you like, however as your image shows, the thread size is a standard which you should match. Because they are used in places where high torque is not required and easy removal and replacement may be desirable such as on the side panels of the PC case , they are frequently available as thumbscrews with larger, knurled heads that can be removed with one’s fingers or tools. To do this, using a pair of pliers needle-nose pliers will probably be the easiest to use , hold the standoff in place and with a screwdriver, unscrew the motherboard screw.

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The M3 is the second most common screw found in PCs. Size is used to secure cables to external computer ports, and size is used for motherboard mounts.

Hardware Recommendations appear to be for shopping for consumer electronics. The M3 is a thinner screw with a finer thread than the UNC.

In other words, the thread will either depend on the case, if one exists, or otherwise it just needs to match between the screws and the socket. The standoff provides a margin of space between the motherboard and the case to keep the multiple solder points below from grounding and short-circuiting. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. Its larger size and coarse thread make it easier to work with during assembly, with less risk of cross threading.

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They just provide clamping force for the motherboard but the exact thread can differ between cases that provide matching screws and standoffs in the package.

Retrieved November 16, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Source Motherboard standoff dimensions From experience over many years, they are all standard threads and size, but not length, that varies by case manufacturer. Motherboard screw stuck in standout Updated: There are many cases available that use zero or only some standoffs and use threaded and stamped raised sheet metal for the stand offs.

You may want longer stand offs if you want to run cabling between the motherboard and the back plate, especially if you’re using a case which doesn’t have much room behind the back plate for cable management.

Spacers and standoffs – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 25 Aprilat This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Sign up using Email and Password. If this occurs, it will be necessary to unscrew the standoff separately. It also allows a better airflow behind the motherboard in my opinion.

Notwithstanding many exceptions, they are commonly used for securing the following devices: Less often, the standoff has a female thread in both ends and a second screw is used to attach it to the case. When used to fasten cable connectors i.


Both Phillips and Torx patterns may also be combined stanodff a slot for a flat-blade screwdriver. Steel is by far the most common material used, frequently with a plated or anodized finish.

The optional UNC specification indicates the standard coarse thread is used which is defined for 6 screws as 32 tpi rendering ‘UNC’ redundant, however it may be seen when other specifications such as plating or other treatments are also specified.

In contrast, a spacer is an unthreaded piece of tubing which lets the entire bolt pass through. Pairs of UNC thumbscrews are used to fasten certain connectors to hardware ports.

Replacement PC Mounting #6-32 to M3 Metal Jack Screw Standoff 15 Pack

Nearly every brand new computer case comes with a bag of these. The hex head makes it easier to work with motherbaord assembly with powered torque screwdrivers. DavidPostill I am asking people who have had the same problem for which sizes of screw and standoffs that can be used for attaching ATX motherboards to computer cases. Doing this can damage or break the motherboard.

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