To prevent breakage use gentle pressure to provide support to the cover as you lower it to the feed roller. Contact Customer Service for information and pricing on additional custom formats. Brazil Chile Argentina Colombia. Download and extract the contents of the zipped file. Let the light blink red twice and let go of feed button. If it is not, make sure the light is green on the printer and cycle the power on the keypad.

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Turn printer off, and then back on.

Monarch XL Specs – CNET

The keypad should have a volt DC power supply. Make sure the print head, which is located on the lid, has no labels or adhesive stuck to it. Help documentation within the application. Printer Manuals Download the latest XL printer manuals.

Monarch Windows Printer Drivers by Seagullâ„¢

Download the file to your computer and double click to run the application. Do not allow the cover to fall closed as it can break the cover interlock post shown below: If you have the Update Utility, you may reload the keypad yourself. Clean these areas with a soft rag and rubbing alcohol.


Also make sure the proper power supply is being used. If all of the above does not resolve issue, then the printer will need serviced.

Send equipment in for service to: Worldwide Avery Dennison Websites. If you do not have the Update Utility software, you can either purchase the software from your vendor or send the keypad in for service to the address given at the bottom of this document. Once the cover contacts the roller firmly press the konarch to the fully closed or latched position.

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Try a new power supply. If there is a red light on the printer. If this does not resolve issue, then the keypad will need serviced.

Calibrate printer by holding feed button down on power up.

Send the printer AND its power supply to the address at the end of this document. To prevent breakage use gentle pressure to provide support to the cover as you lower it to the feed roller.

Paxar Monarch 9416 Direct Thermal Label Printer MO9416TT04IE

Brazil Chile Argentina Colombia. Calibrate printer to get a diagnostic label.


If keypad has no power. See if the unit prints properly. Accessory Manuals Download the latest accessory manuals for XL printer manuals. Plug keypad in and see if unit prints properly.

If the fuse is blown, change it. To Install the Print Server Utility: If not, place a Technical Support call by calling the number at the top of the page. MPCL Toolbox contains a feature to update printers: Please select this link to the printer-drivers. You can find more information on a particular business or product by visiting 916 sites below. If the green LED is not on at the top of the power supply, then it has no power, it is damaged or the wrong power supply is plugged in.

Last, make sure the labels being used are within 12 months old and have been stored in a cool dry place.