All of the pictures and information contained within the www. Now I’m very happy and looking for italian one! Now the Mio P also has a WiFi connection so that means you can read and answer your e-Mail or simply surf the internet for information on your Hotel’s Wireless network. Connect the mio p to PC 1. Well it’s official I’m addicted to my GPS and would not want to drive without it, I have actually been thinking about traveling to Prince-Edward Island and planning the whole trip with stops at Points of interest along the way.

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Frozen Mio Splash Screen. In one instance I was shown driving on a field for several miles instead of the road, I knew that this highway had been widened more than 5 years ago and was relocated to the side of the original road.

Mio P550 / P350 ROM upload

Obtaining the GPS signal when the device is first turned on can take a few minutes but improves after a few uses as the device remembers where it is and knows where to look for the GPS satellites, but if you move the unit or turn it on inside to mko your friends the GPS locking will take substantially longer as it needs to sort it self out again.

So based on the prices and features the winner is the Mio P but we have one topic left to discuss the actual GPS software.

XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! However, nothing has been succeded: I admit the GPS software may not be the best offering for those who have had much experience with other GPS software but it’s not an issue as in the end you’ll arrive at mmio destination.

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Did the solution given by XDante work? The left-lower button takes you to your ‘Contact’ list while the button just above that changes the screen between ‘Portrait’ and ‘Landscape’ modes. The Right hand side is mostly the identifying label with the exception of a very small port near the bottom that houses the built-in microphone. I found the x 4: Moo was very helpfull. All of the pictures and information contained within the www.

Previous Thread Next Thread. Do you have any ideas how we can dump image? GPS or Global Kio System is a fantastic tool that has been in use for years but prohibitively expensive until fairly recently, and it can be found in many cars now as an available option. Search this Thread Advanced Search. Upgrading, Modifying and Unlocking.

Mio DigiWalker P GPS Navigation Pocket PC Review

A feature I liked with Mio Map is the way the map changes perspective when you approach turns, the map zooms closer to the area to allow you to have a better look and then after the turn is made it zooms back out to give you a better look at the road ahead.

The USB port also serves as the charging port which is miio as the device can be charged from any computer with a standard Mini-USB cable. Trusting official web site of Mio, I have downloaded the patch battery and installed it.

Razer Phone 2 p505 are now open October mi, I have not had to restart the unit with a hard reset since I have had it which seems strange since I have had to reset my Treo much more often than I would like to admit. Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Mio P Specs – CNET

If you would like to contact me for any reason then feel free to use the contact form by clicking Here. Do you have enabled the extra features of P? I was afraid to try the install software with my Vista machine as I had heard some bad things about trying to sync with a Vista PC so I opted for the safe route and installed it on a Laptop with Windows XP.


GPS ready, now let’s see if we lose the signal Moi will admit this was my first experience with a GPS system and I kept trying to set the start point and the end point, then while in the car with a GPS lock it showed our current location and I finally understood mlo you don’t need a start point, the GPS knows where we are! After this operation they are still able to enter boot loader mode.

There is an option: I have tried a few new programs for the Pocket PC and have found them to be great programs for use on any Pocket PC, below is a list of the best with links to the website where the item may be purhased. I spent considerable time in various stores and online trying to whittle the choices down to 5 units.

Connect the mio p to PC 1. Find All Thanked Posts. Well I managed to exchange it and we were off to Montreal, I figured if I was going to lose the GPS signal it would be in the downtown core as it has many narrow streets with high buildings all around.

So why should I or you for that matter bother purchasing a GPS!