Instructions were clear and easy to follow. So you don’t need separate audio cables to the computer anymore, the original sound card of your computer remains free for other applications. This is offset by what I consider to the the best written manuals in the industry. Station Master DeLuxe English manual. Router may ask for restart OS of your computer during installation.

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I use Logger32 for everyday logging and N1MM for contest logging and both work great with it. Default Config, W.


If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. In Router click Help Update Router. Now some multi mode programs e.

Not in stockordered only on customer request, down payment required, delay at c. HTML is not translated! I got my money back from WestMountain Radio and bought one! I noticed a lot of serious contesters, and DXers for that matter, were using mH gear. I want to begin by saying that there are very few digital interfaces sound card or otherwise that I haven’t used. The only issue was at the time of initial installation.


microHAM USB Interface III Product Reviews

In Router click Help Download Documents. Problems starts installing drivers and software: Operation was intermittent and a cold solder joint was the culprit.

Very well ubs unit,cables shielded. Instead of toggling a handshake line of the virtual comport, an audio signal is sent or not to the right channel of the soundcard output.

The antenna is located 30 meters from the radio. Especially when using high speed telegraphy or QSK this is very beneficial.

All connections between the radio and laptop are galvanically isolated to prevent ground loops and other harmful interference. Next day it was for sale on eBay! Microhxm in stockback on: This affects nothing that Mciroham have seen as every digital mode that I have used falls easily into this envelope.

It must be good because I got it functioning on first try. Interface loses its connection to the computer and I must reconnect the cable. This interface offers the usual level converters for nearly all CAT interfaces, electrically isolated lines for PTT and CW keying, an input for a squelch signal and electrically isolated audio interfaces.

I ended up migrating to microHam some years ago after having constant issues with a domestic manufacturer of ush equipment. DVK using the sound card and 9 memories.


Microham USB III

This of course isn’t a show-stopper, but it goes to show how small the device is. Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW.

When using AFSK this problem does not exist. It works, it is small and the configuration is easy even to me.


The usb interface 3 it is grate addition to my station and I thing to any station. Router connects microHAM server and shows all available documents including Manuals, Configuration Setup Hsb for various loggers and Cables schematics. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help.

Cables diagrams and Logger Setup Guides can be found in Support section. After updated Router starts and connects your USB devices you may be asked to update firmware in your device. Do not uncheck documents you want to keep on computer but don’t want to download, they won’t be downloaded if are not updated.