If you cannot use the latest version for some reason, make sure that you mention which version you are using when contacting our support team. It can also protect PDF documents for use on Windows. This is not possible with any other dongle protection system. Its early claims to fame included Silicon Disk System in and Microcache the world’s first disk cache for microcomputers in Contact Us About Customisation Options. Strong Encryption Communication between your software and the dongle uses very strong encryption techniques:

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Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. CopyMinder is much more subtle, flexible and intelligent so it provides even stronger security without hassle for you or your customers.

Software Anti-Piracy

We believe Dinkey Pro and FD dongles are the best in the industry and here is why: This is lacking in many dongle systems but it is often the weakest part that hackers exploit. Our anti-piracy solutions help you ensure that your software licence terms are met with ease. Our products use the specifications listed below as standard, but we are able to supply tokens in other configurations to meet the needs of your project.

Enforce Software Licensing Terms.

Use this token for challenge-response authentication, e-signature generation and transaction signing. We are not able to support you directly.

Microcosm Ltd

By careful monitoring, it is able to decide which customers to trust and which to be wary of. For example, you may wish to restrict which features of your software are made available or you may wish to set some simple expiry dates.


All software updates are free of charge, for life. All of our OTP tokens can be customised with your logo or other artwork. If there were any problems, the software just stopped: Buy c Mini OTP tokens.

Microcosm Ltd – Wikipedia

microcos, Sinceit has concentrated on computer security, firstly with CopyControl a software-based copy protection systemthen Dinkey Dongle small hardware copy protection keys that connect to parallel or USB ports.

If your problem occurs while using one of the SDK utilities, try to reproduce the problem using the latest version of that program. Shell and API protection methods for ultimate flexibility.

Supports miicrocosm and network based licensing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Our OATH-compliant One Time Password tokens are a microocsm, secure and highly cost-effective way of deploying stronger user access control within your organisation. This gives the advantage of only releasing one set of compiled binaries for all platforms but the downside is that your application can be reverse engineered back to readable source code very easily!

Its early claims to fame included Silicon Disk System in and Microcache the world’s first disk cache for microcomputers in Please note that you will not be able to place orders or receive technical support by phone on the following dates: OTP tokens come in two types: More recently, it has expanded its security products by producing SmartSign, a multi-factor authentication system that supports using mobile devices to control access to web pages.


Time-based OTP tokens generate codes that are valid only for a certain amount of time eg, 30 or 60 secondsafter which a new code must be generated. We have thousands of customers in countries all over the world who trust Microcosm products to protect their software.

By careful monitoring of the usage of each installation of your software, it achieves what has up to now been thought impossible: It provides a high level of security with the minimum amount of fuss and a level of flexibility that is second to none. Using RSA encryption means that even if a hacker discovered the public key in our software then they could not work out the private key in microcpsm dongle.

NET assemblies automatically, without having to modify any source code.

Microcosm – The Software Protection Experts

In challenge-response mode the user must enter a challenge code eg, displayed by the application and micrcosm token generates a response which the user enters back into the application. On-dongle Encryption The Plus and Net model dongles can be used to encrypt or decrypt data you pass to them. CopyMinder is a state-of-the-art software protection and licensing system developed by Microcosm Ltd.

Competitive Pricing Our prices are some of the lowest in the industry. Long established company specialising in software security.