A Handbook of Procedures. Website technology has advanced exponentially since the founding of TBH in , when Steve and I, along with student website developer Meg Kemp, unveiled the website and the first 20 site exhibits. As might be anticipated, this is a particularly critical problem in the classroom, and for K teachers in particular, as schools increasingly are providing individual tablets for student use. These could be parts of food plants that were accidentally burned during cooking, medicinal plants discarded after being used in poultices or teas, or debris from plants used for objects like baskets that were disposed of by burning in a campfire. Juveniles are tabulated separately and identified if possible. Chapter 6 pages in Eileen Johnson ed.

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We are grateful for the time and dedicated efforts of the LAITS staff and student technical assistants. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology Paiutes, Shoshones, Kawaiisu, and Washoes used a salve containing the crushed seeds for cuts, sores, and burns Moerman Journal of Northeast Texas Archaeology No evidence of bulbs or tubers that are commonly cooked in earth ovens or evidence of any material used to wrap foods during cooking was found in either sample. Pages in Vance T.

In central Texas, these include wild onions and garlic Allium spp. Given the abundance of bison bone at the site, pit cooking of bison is a strong possibility. I have now processed and lec the samples from both of these sites Fig.

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An ongoing digitization and records inventory project is underway at TARL. The archeomalacology of East Texas remains completely unknown. How to Obtain, Measure, Season, and Burn. This was done to show the array of distinctive colors of various specimens of olivine in the sherd matrix.


However, the s Smith Rockshelter collection is housed at the Texas Archeological Research Lab because the shelter, at the time, was on private property. This data also serves to make 2-D digital elevation models DEMs showing detailed topography.

The ceramic vessel assemblages from Titus phase sites in East Texas have been the subject of considerable scrutiny by Texas archaeologists since led s, beginning with the development of the typology of Caddo ceramics by Dee Ann Suhm, Alex D.

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McKinney Falls was not acquired by the State of Texas until the early s. In the wake of the Great Depression and much needed employment, the program offered jobs on public works projects including archaeological survey and excavation throughout the country. Steve Black, another archeologist associated with TARL TBH co-editor who has worked extensively on earth ovens, was also interested in seeing what, if any, plants might have been cooked in the earth ovens at Rob Roy.

A number of these gorgets are in the collections of the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin, and I have documented them as part of the recent study of a 15thth century engraved gorget from the Pipe site 41AN67 in the holdings of the Gregg County Historical Museum in Longview, Texas. The fragment was too small and brittle to identify conclusively, but the closest match appears to be povertyweed Baccharis spp.

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The size of the sample from Feature 1 was 4. And as for what lies beyond the website revamp process, Steve is already at work creating new plans and a vision of the future for TBH. I use a standard nested set of oversize brass geologic sieves 18 inch diameter; Fig. At least four species of goosefoot grow in Central Texas today, including C.

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Compound vessel from Titus phase: Krieger, and Edward B. Almost all of the sites were investigated by archaeologists from the University of Texas UT in the early s, led by A.

Along with the technical changes, there also will be a new look for TBH. It is really exciting to examine artifacts from the ancient peoples of the Lower Pecos region of Texas at TARL and explore these questions. The sparkling waters of Onion Creek provide relief to park visitors from the hot Texas sun and offer recreational opportunities such as swimming and fishing.

Oberg directed workers to save charcoal samples from the Rob Roy site. TBH will have a fresh, new look but more importantly should function more smoothly. Seeds of goosefoot plants are edible, and two species, C. More than 77 percent of the plain and engraved gorgets from the southern Caddo area are from burial features in Middle and Late Caddo period mound centers on the Red River, and approximately 83 percent of the southern Caddo area sample come from burial features on Red River valley sites.

Baerreis A Survey of Oklahoma Archaeology.