Prepare one TF card. Under the power-off state, press the ‘Menu’ button while pressing the ‘Power’ button to upgrade the device, it will show ‘ upgrade update. It cannot be out of power in upgrading, and the device will reboot automatically after upgrading successfully. When it shows Upgrade complete, upgrading is finished. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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You have no items in your shopping cart. Firmware upgrade before making a dedicated SD card with dedicated SD card to upgrade! Waiting it to finish.

Please back up all data of the device. Insert DC 5V mA 2. The system will be upgraded automatically, it will show ‘ upgrade uboot success’ after it’s successful, then the system will reboot. Upgrade the device in the state of full electricity or charging.

Put all the download firmware of S in the root of the TF card. Download Now Firmware password: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Download Now Firmware Upgrade Instruction: Upgrade the system firmware: Modify the default button mode. Download Now This firmware suitable for: 68 all the materials in the device, all the files will be cleared after upgrade; 2.


Download Now To upgrade to the android 4. Download Now PS firmware package and upgrade method.

Mp4 Jxd 685

Download the firmware 2. When it shows Upgrade complete, upgrading is finished. All installed documents in the device will be cleaned out after upgraded. After reboot, the touch screen needs to calibrate, it will show the main interface after successful calibration.

Copy the cloned version firmware into the root directory of SD card bootpack. Modificate the resolution of the LCD and the defaulted keyboard warning tone of Android this firmware is for the devices with the serial number SXXXX The uxd is defaulted Chinese, set the defaulted language as English in the settings. MB Please check the hardware configuration of the device carefully before upgrade.

When it displays “Ready! Download Now S V2.

Press “Start” and “Power” at the same time. Check through the devices: Download Now From the original 4. Download Now Firmware Instruction: You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize 6685 functionality of this website.


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Restart the device, for the first time, it will need calibrate the touch screen. Used the Boot card to upgrade the firmware 1. Download Now Update the TP driver. Prepare one TF card.

Download Now S Upgrade Manual 1. Then choose “Yes–delete all user date”, press “Return” button to confirm.