Now, for enhanced performance, it uses code-generated, nonrefective implementations. Defining a preferredTestQuery that will execute quickly in your database may dramatically speed up Connection tests. It’s noted here just so you understand what’s going on. If you want to merge programmatic changes with preconfigured overrides, you’ll have to use getUserOverridesAsString and modify the original settings before replacing. C3P0 does provide an API that allows you to invoke non-standard methods reflectively on an underlying Connection. Much better than working-around is fixing. If standard Connection properties holdability, readOnly, or transactionIsolation are set in the ConnectionCustomizer’s onAcquire method, these will override the Connection default values.

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[closed] ASE issue with jdbc driver jconn3 vs jconn4 – SQLA Forum

The data in vvs Blob and Clob can be altered: As database is a shared resource, so many application can access the same data store. The library adopts the approach defined by the JDBC 2 and 3 specification even where these conflict with the library author’s preferences.

The format of c3p0. Passing parameters to CallableStatement. If set to a value greater than 0, the statement cache will track when Connections are in use, and only destroy Statements when their parent Connections are not otherwise in use.


The following properties can be set directly in code as JavaBeans properties, via a System properties or a c3p0. By default, pools will never expire Connections. Here is the link to oracle documentation in addition to great answers for the question. Idbc4 not, stick withor try an even bigger number.

But when it has no user-determined query to run to test a Connection, it’s less clear what c3p0 should do. With such a configuration, you will only vvs to deploy the JDBC jar file with your database accessing program. It will work even with very old JDBC drivers. If you would the test to timeout and fail, set the following key. The new features availble in J2SE 1.

Connections from a JDBC client application

Map raw type containing the values of any user-defined configuration extensions defined for this DataSource. The question has been closed for the following reason “Question is off-topic or not relevant” by Mark Culp 19 Feb ’13, It was inteded for Java 1.

Please provide feedback, bug-fixes, etc! If you set this property to a value beginning with ” classloader: See for example ndbc4 description of Tomcat memory leaks on redeployment.

The rest is standard J2EE stuff: Setting the parameter driverClass causes that class to preload and register with java. Any idea if there is some difference in working of the two jars?

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If you use the DataSources factory class, and you want to programmatically override default configuration parameters, jcbc3 use of the PoolConfig class:. Defining a preferredTestQuery that will execute quickly in your database may dramatically speed mdbc4 Connection tests. Connections from a JDBC client application. Forces the username that should by PooledDataSources when a user calls the default getConnection method. The default is AUTO. If Connections are tested or other slow work is performed on check-in, then this setting will cause clients to experience the overhead of that work on Connection.

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If set, this parameter should almost always be set to 1. Setting this parameter to true causes c3p0 to ignore DriverManager and simply instantiate driverClass directly. This will led to the connection pool run out of resources due to stale connection.

Show deprecated PoolConfig approach Bs permits you to use an old, now superceded implementation of C3P0-generated proxy objects.