The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site. Supported Chipsets and NICs The maximum time between statistics polls that ensures consistent results can be calculated as follows:. All hardware requirements listed apply to use with Linux. Inline crypto processing support

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Linux ixgbe* Base Driver Overview and Installation

Not all modules are applicable to all devices. And DPDK has to ask the info about the header length from the upper layer, because parsing the packet itself is not acceptable.

I40E Poll Mode Driver Ensure that the following pre-conditions are satisfied: These drivers are only supported as a loadable module at this time.

Some kernel drivers already disable MDD by default while some kernels can use the command insmod ixgbe. Intel Virtual Function Driver Limitations or Known issues Supported Chipsets and NICs For example, if there are 6 ixgbe ports, the command should be changed to insmod ixgbe.

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Inline crypto processing support Since the bit is not implemented in X, the irq cannot be handled correctly and cannot report the event fd to DPDK apps. The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site.

This behavior is based on the kernel driver behavior.

IXGBE Driver — Data Plane Development Kit rc1 documentation

The statistics of ixgbe hardware must be polled regularly in order for it to remain consistent. Please see your system documentation for details. Then apps cannot get interrupts and dmesg will show messages like irq No.: Each port representor corresponds to a single virtual function of that device. Solarflare libefx-based Poll Mode Driver Driver for VM Emulated Devices VF MAC address setting Some constraints apply as pre-conditions ixgbf specific optimizations on bulk packet transfers.

MLX4 poll mode driver library NFP poll mode driver library Because kernel PF thinks the VF is malicious.

Did you find this information useful? Please do not enter contact information. The wider register gives space to hold multiple packet buffers so as to save instruction number when processing bulk of packets.


Active direct attach cables are not supported. Related topics Network Connectivity: Alternatively, you can use ethtool version 1. Intel is inhel supplying patches against the kernel source to allow for static linking of the driver.

As vPMD is focused on high throughput, it assumes that the RX burst size is equal to or greater than 32 per burst. Sample Application Notes Scattered packets are not supported in this mode.