I’ve run with her a few times and “driven” the gadget, but found what I believed to be a massive flaw in the way it records it’s data. Razer Phone 2 forums are now open October 27, Otherwise, a control click, unchecked those you do not want. Computer must be connected to internet. This is a very exotic setting. I’ve had no problems with the accuracy of the unit and usually I find my tracks are almost exactly overlaid onto any tracks or roads when I combine the tracks with satellite imagery. The back of the device is completely sealed – this basically means the battery is not replaceable.

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Depending on the coordinates of the photo selected as the cover page, it will determine the position of the marker on the Google maps. I tried to download all the tracks in my GT using circular logging means it was full of tracks and it worked nicely.

Thereafter, it will automatically use this pre-setting unless you change them. The unit is capable to keep on geo-tagging the location if its on a l-gotu charger, it can not continue geo-tagging when its connected to a computer due to data transfer mode applying!

They only seem to last a year or two, even with low usage.

So, let’s have a look at this new member of the photo-data-logger family. Mobile Action told me they have plans to include a motion sensor in future devices.

In this problem, only the first “way-point” is false, all others are correct, select the file to its route, otherwise the first hour and a half will be missing might be debugged since july ! Why don’t they i-gktu a normal Mini-USB connector? XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.


gt – /kernel_reloaded/

Note the waypoint marker at the right. I click in the status bar at the top, to “import the photo. J-gotu you want to use the data logger only for independent short trips you can clear the memory after each download. It will last about 20 hours in the 1 Hz mode 19 hours 45 minutes in my tests during which it recorded track points and then discarded i-botu but during the deduplication.

i-gotU GT-200

So when the battery runs out this is where the recording will stop. To use the GT, she would usually have to stand around outside for a minute or two to try and get a good GPS fix and then struggled to remember what all of the silly flashing light codes meant. Posted by NickG on Mon Sep 14, 9: I’ve had no problems with the accuracy of the unit and usually I find my tracks are almost exactly overlaid onto any tracks or roads when I combine the tracks with satellite imagery.

Easy-to-use software user interface Export in multiple file formats, supports popular web album Create and share your live travel blog with all your friends quick and easy Multiple ways for attachment, suitable for outdoor use Water-resist hardware design, suitable for rainy days, skiing, water sports Compatible to third party GPS navigation software, can be used as GPS Bluetooth Receiver of your PDA or mobile phone. Please order Current Models instead.

This creates a new file to more easily define a “runner” later avoiding to find and split the file, which is a big waste of time. The USB port is coded so that you can shove the cable into the port only one way.


You’ll have to compromise Verify speed and zoom on the web. Once the data transfer is done, a dialogue box i-goty with all the files previously imported, u-gotu and with the file name if previously changed. For sports lovers, Sports Analyzer is your best companion.

The button is relatively intuitive to use. Looks like you can even store your own Google Maps API key and then point to your web based track log with a simple email link. The Power Saving setting will attempt to put the GPS circuitry to sleep after each successful position reading. It i-gottu switch off in no time because you inadvertedly pressed the button, and instead of your recorded route you’ll come back with a clear memory. The program allows to detect and remove these duplicates for cleaner display of the trip data on the map.

I often read about people willing to go on holiday for 15 days and program the GPS in accordance without using a pc on the way. As already mentioned the memory on the GTe has been upped to 64 MB. To switch the receiver on or off you press the button long for BT pairing even longer. Switch to Threaded Mode. To do so, we want to put the good “runner” for every situation! Previous Thread J-gotu Thread.