In particular, the IRS could seek to treat a security as a single debt instrument. If the securities have become immediately due and payable following an event of default, you will not be entitled to any additional payments with respect to the securities. Holder to a refund, provided that the required information is timely furnished to the IRS. The occurrence of these corporate events and the consequent adjustments may materially and adversely affect the value of the securities. Any sale of the securities prior to maturity could result in a loss to you.

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As a result, these entities may be unwinding or adjusting hedge positions during the term of the securities, and the hedging strategy may involve greater and more frequent dynamic adjustments to the hedge as the final determination date approaches. This free writing prospectus relates to an offering of securities linked to the underlying shares.

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It is possible that the closing price of the underlying shares could be below the downside threshold level on most or all of the determination dates so that you will receive few or no contingent monthly payments. Holder may recognize upon the sale, exchange, early redemption or maturity of the securities should be treated as ordinary gain or loss. Pursuant to the terms of the securities, you agree to treat a security for U. With respect to each determination date other than hv–4416 final determination date, the third business day after the related determination date.

There is limited anti-dilution protection. For example, the IRS could assert that any gain or loss that a U.

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The following diagrams illustrate the potential outcomes for the securities depending on 1 the determination closing price and 2 the final share price. Accordingly, you should be willing to hold your securities to maturity.

The securities are not insured by any governmental agency of the United States or any other jurisdiction. Sample Order Free samples.

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We urge you to consult your investment, legal, tax, accounting and other advisors before you invest in the securities. HSBC has filed a registration statement including dfr prospectus, a prospectus supplement and a Stock-Linked Underlying Supplement with the SEC for the offering to which this free writing prospectus relates.

Dvd may be subject to backup withholding in respect of amounts paid to the Non-U. The notice focuses on a number of issues, the most relevant of dvvr for holders of the securities are the character and timing of income or loss and the degree, if any, to which income realized by non-U.

Additionally, such hedging or trading hg-4416 during the term of the securities could adversely affect the price of the underlying shares on the determination dates and, accordingly, whether the securities are automatically called prior to maturity and, if the securities are not called prior to maturity, the payout to you at maturity.

Holder should recognize short-term capital gain or loss equal to the difference between the amount realized other than with respect to cash attributable to the contingent monthly payment, which should be treated as discussed above on. The securities are not designed to be short-term trading instruments, and you should, therefore, be able and willing to hold the securities to maturity. Because the determination closing price is greater than or equal to the initial share price on 1 of the first 5 determination nv-4416, the securities are automatically redeemed following dgr relevant determination date.

Even if there is a secondary market, it may not provide enough liquidity to allow you to trade or sell the securities easily. Under current law, while the matter is not entirely clear, individual Non-U.

These pricing models consider certain assumptions and hv-416, which can include volatility and interest rates. We obtained the information in the table below from Bloomberg Financial Markets, without independent verification. November Page The amounts payable on the securities are not linked to the price of the underlying shares at any time other than on the determination dates, including the final determination date. Vitevision Mini P online H.


November Page 5. In dgr, information returns may be filed with the IRS in connection with payments on the securities and the proceeds from a sale, exchange, early redemption or other disposition of the securities, unless the U. Furthermore, we cannot give any assurance that all events occurring prior to the date hereof including events that would affect the accuracy or completeness of the publicly available documents described in the preceding paragraph that would affect the trading price of the underlying shares and therefore the price of the underlying shares at the time we price the securities have been publicly disclosed.

You should understand the risks of investing in the securities and should reach an investment decision only after careful consideration, with your advisors, of the suitability of the securities in light of your particular financial circumstances and the information set forth in this free writing prospectus and the accompanying Stock-Linked Underlying Supplement, prospectus supplement and prospectus. If you were to sell your securities in the secondary market, if any, the price you would receive for your securities may be less than the price you paid for them because secondary market prices will not take into account these costs.

While it is not clear whether instruments such as the securities would be viewed as similar to the prepaid forward contracts described in the notice, any U. This internal funding rate is typically lower than the rate we would use when we issue conventional fixed or floating rate debt securities.

Supplemental plan of distribution conflicts of interest:. Assuming the treatment of the securities as set forth above is respected, the following U. If the issuer of the underlying shares were so treated, certain adverse U.