If the network interface is disabled, try to enable it. Then press the power button to turn the computer back on. Troubleshooting and Maintenance Testing the Hardware Make sure the parity, speed, word length, and stop bits match on sending and receiving modems. If so, prepare your computer for shipment as follows.

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Not listed if video memory is separate from installed memory.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) Laptop AMCKT3 User Guide |

Amc20439 auto reliable mode. The exact software installed depends on ho particular notebook model. Managing Power Consumption Batteries and Power Management Managing Power Consumption Managing Power Consumption When you are running your notebook on battery power, you can maximize operating time without compromising performance. Heat Problems Your computer normally gets warm during routine operation. A drop of a few inches onto a rigid surface while the hard drive is operating could destroy data or damage the drive.

The card may have been reset if the anc20493 suspended or turned off. Main status lights left to right: To buy accessories You can buy accessories for your computer online. Taking Care of Your Notebook Follow these recommendations to maintain your notebook during everyday use and prevent potential physical damage or data loss.

HP T60h424-04 Card WiFi D02-0005jp Amc20493 Computer Laptop

Reference Guide 71 Modem and Network Connections Making Wireless Bluetooth Connections To connect to a Bluetooth printer or serial device You can connect your computer to a Bluetooth serial device—for example, you could print from a word processor to a Bluetooth serial printer. If an adjustable chair is not available, you can use a pillow or rolled-up towel to provide lower back support.

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The click buttons work like the left and right buttons on a standard mouse. Double-click the internal modem, and then select the option to disable the modem.

To use the touch pad The touch pad includes an on-off button so you can turn off the touch pad to avoid moving the pointer accidentally, such ammc20493 by touching the pad while typing. If you entered commands as extra settings for the modem in Control Panel or in your communications software, check the commands.

Hard disk drive lock does not protect a second hard disk drive installed in the module bay. Reference Guide 93 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Reference Guide 95 Troubleshooting and Maintenance Troubleshooting Your Computer Troubleshooting Your Computer This section contains solutions to a many types of problems you might have with your computer.

Page 9 Replacing the Hard Drive If your notebook is not packaged properly, you will be responsible for any damages to it that occur during shipping.

Check your telephone line type prior to connecting your phone line. System Time Sets the time using hour format. Universal serial bus USB 1. Hint If your notebook wmc20493 not turn on when operating on battery power, the battery may be out of power.


Follow the instructions included with the drivers. If you are not currently connected to the Internet, the Dial-up Connection window appears.

If this occurs frequently, consider installing additional memory. Fill in the information in the New Message window. Select the network you want, enter the encryption key if required, and click Connect.

Register your notebook Be sure to register your computer. Give your notebook a unique name that will identify it to other Bluetooth users. This bp a shift key that provides access to certain special keyboard characters. You can dock or undock the computer in any power state: The following steps delete all data from the disk.

To secure both the computer and port replicator, install the Kensington lock in the security connector next to the undock button—this locks the undock button.