Who has the best prices and service on replacements? I hope you find it useful. Chinese Servos – How do they stack up? May 31, , This ability to hook the camera up to a TV set or composite video monitor also makes it very easy to adjust many of the settings — and there are a few. Most video editors will attempt to convert the 30fps footage to 25fps by performing what is known as a “pull-down” and that generally introduces blurriness and a degree of jerkiness to the footage.

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Also they say it can be used as pc camera, like web cam, but I havent found the driver to do that. Log In Sign Up. Thread Tools Camerq Printable Version.

Go into motion detection video mode by pressing button 1 twice blue and yellow led. The only real protection offered for the rest of the camera is a layer of clear heatshrink. Now HobbyKing have a new offering that, at first glance, challenges those HD keychain cameras, while adding some interesting new features.

HD Wing camera 1280x720p 30fps from HobbyKing.com

In the Pipeline Here’s just a little bit of what’s to come on this site The answers are here, with more to come. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Go into motion detection video mode ud pressing button 1 twice blue and yellow led.


Feb 13, My knowledge those things is not that good that I start to do to heavy modifications on my own. I had a lot of trouble understanding how to handle the camera and I’ve seen that others also have had ud understanding what the different buttons do so here is my attempt to describe it: I even got the time set!

Transcend P8 in-1 USB 2. The “Wing Camera” is somewhat hobbbyking a disappointment in hobbykijg area. Add a Poll to this Thread. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’m dangerously close to Maidening three new airplanes I wonder if there isn’t one on this cam? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The Clubhouse If it doesn’t fit in any other category and is about general RC stuff then post it here at the Clubhouse.

Would I recommend this camera? Yes, I thought of that too.

HD Wing camera xp 30fps review | MidnightSunRC Blog

A couple of times I have run into the problem with the camera not responding to anything. It sounds like the problem could be that the frame rate is set too low, but I do not know of any way to change the frame rate in this camera. Have the Chinese finally developed a real contender with the iMax 9X?


Or do you just dig my vids. The Good Oil Important facts you should know about the oils that are used in our model engine fuels.

The “Wing Camera” is also twice as heavy as the HD keychain cameras, weighing in at a little over 30g — not something you’ll be putting on your smaller models I suspect. A really odd “feature” is the vibrating alert which is triggered each time you press one of the three buttons that control the camera’s operation. Win, I’m impressed with the durability of these cam’s. The quality is not the bd, but it’s not bad for the price.

Connect the USB cable to your camera and computer and the camera will appear as a removable storage on your computer. The other side of the camera does not have any handling functionality but you can find the microphone and battery there.

Also I was flying in some crazy wind and it still didnt matter weather I had the cam on or not.