Just the thought of sitting down in front of my monitor sipping a freshly brewed cup of Starbucks brings a familiar smile to this reviewers face. I ran into that one myself so without doing anything in the Xperience utility, I started the game, used the games controller set up, and defined each button from there. Obviously Gravis was listening! It’s a very comfortable stick to use if you don’t have to have the twist option. Bottom Line Whether you’re an expert at defining controls or an amateur, you shouldn’t have any trouble using the Xperience. What if it breaks you ask? I didn’t spend any time chasing the stick around while using it.

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Gravis Xterminator Dual Control Video Game Wired USB Joystick Controller | eBay

Or, on the other hand, it also caters to the casual gamer who just wants to sit down and play a game. I’ve always said, ggavis not toss in a game that can showcase what the controller can really do?

Bottom Line Eual get one! After doing so, I was able to turn more quickly -a minor adjustment in the game setup interface. Game port and USB connectivity for quick, easy installation. It would only inhance the looks, not to mention catch the eye of a potential buyer. Gravis could have made this square and plain but they didn’t! I didn’t spend any time chasing the stick around while using it. A large footprint with rubber pads on the bottom provides for ‘slide free’ operation!


If this describes you, then, to make it simple, select the ‘import’ option, then select gravsi game you’re wanting to play. A solid well constructed design with a comfortable feel.

Gravis Xterminator Dual Control – joystick – wired Overview – CNET

I mean, where else can I go to sit down and unwind? Way to go Gravis. The Gravis Xperience is a software utility used to aid you in defining custom controls for your Gravis controllers.

Gravis’ standard 3 year warranty should take the fear out of that question. Variable throttle for ultimate speed control. All of the contributors have been so generous providing us with some top quality merchandise The way I see it, this utility can be extterminator a couple different ways. Ahh crap, this sucks.

Ahhh man, all over the stick too. I thought it looked pretty kewl as well as being functional.

Rugged heavy duty plastic design should provide many years of gaming enjoyment! Also secondary Hot Set functions provide even further customizing. Just pop in the CD and follow the on-screen prompts. Put twice the power at your fingertips.

I did have to adjust the turning sensitivity for the stick. A copy of Tribes is provided! My hands rested comfortably and each finger lined up perfectly with each button. Not only did they pay attention to the functionality of it, but during the process they made it look good too. Site Map Charts Reviews: With twice the power at your fingertips, you can use the joystick with proportional D-pad to master highly synchronized moves, execute massive action sequences – to win.


Gravis 10511 Xterminator Dual Control Video Game Wired USB Joystick Controller

The stick has a nice feel to it and re-centers itself without me having to search for the center position -as did the D-Pad. Even while sitting in a puddle of coffee!

If you need a bit more help or just want to learn as much as possible about your newly acquired weapon of choice, then Gravis offers an electronic manual – provided in the software installation. Obviously Gravis was listening! Review the button’s functions – write ’em down if ya have to – and game away! A 16 page instruction booklet is provided to help get you on your way in using the stick.