The Empire Club of Canada, pp. He left Buffalo by air at ten o’clock and arrived here at eleven. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is truly remarkable that it can do anything of the sort and transmit 1, horsepower at the same time. Mountbatten, a war hero, elder statesman, and second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, was spending the day with his family

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Dreiser was the 12th of 13 children born to a poor, unhappy family.

George Eyston – IMDb

He drove an MG to become the first person to cover miles in an hour in a cc car. One of the Thunderbolt’s had already powered the Schneider Trophy winner. Art Pillsbury, chief timekeeper, American Automobile Association. This mask, Geprge would explain, is connected up by a small tube about three-quarters of an inch in diameter leading to the nose of the machine and therefore, of course, you readily gforge fresh air is always available no matter what is happening in the cockpit.

What kind of gas did you use? Turner; [4] Correspondence between C.

For streamlining, a distinctive feature of the car are the two small “nostrils”, headlights and air inlets in the nose. There were so few of these engines built grorge 20 that many of them had illustrious careers over several different records.

Except for one brother who became a songwriter, most of the Dreiser Now, gentlemen, the floor is yours.

eysto During the first attempts, the new photo-electric timing equipment had failed to detect the polished aluminium car body against the brilliant white salt. Note from the transverse leaf springs on the dual front axles, that coil springs were yet to come.

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George E. T. Eyston – Land Speed Racing History

These project on either side of the car. Having given up active record breaking, he masterminded record bids for MG at Utah until and worked with drivers such as Stirling Moss and Phil Hill.

I think gsorge shows a rather big advance. All was well, however, and the reason of course for taking off this fin was to eliminate the extra drag as we thought that we could do a better speed without it. The thing is to go straight on. He fitted a diesel engine from an AEC bus into a car built on a Chrysler chassis and used it to set high-speed endurance records at Brooklandsattaining All the time it is called esyton to flex because, if you will realize, the wheel is revolving at 45 revolutions while you count one and there are certain reflexes the tire has to perform.

You see, you might drive a few feet away from the absolute straight line, something else might happen and you get a few feet more and, believe me, you will never get back.

At the same time it is impossible to slam the throttle close because of the reversal stresses, but it is essential to draw it back slowly and make sure it is really closed. Record Breakers collection, also held in the Motoring Archives.

His Worship, the Mayor, has very kindly said that he will extend your thanks to Captain Eyston. At the beginning of the season, during trial runs of the modified Thunderbolt car, Eyston was nearly asphyxiated when engine fumes filled the now fully-enclosed cockpit.

That is the challenge common to all land speed record designs – simples. Georg these tests are made until a perfect article is produced. George Eyston was born on 28th Junein Bampton, Georeg.


George Eyston

Always one with an eye for any obscure record that he could capture, he fitted a diesel engine from an AEC bus into a Chrysler car chassis and used it to set high-speed endurance records. Handling all this georrge through a single driven axle required great innovation in metallurgy and in manufacturing the geartrain, as well as water-cooling the completed transmission. I do hope that the international situation will clear up and that we shall go to our beds tonight with eeyston assurance that for some time to come at any rate the sky will be clear, because I think we all have one common aim and that is peace.

Bonneville truly took off as a racing destination thanks to the efforts of Utah native Ab Jenkins, who set several endurance speed records there beginning indriving a Studebaker dubbed the Mormon Meteor. As well as racing, he was also an engineer and inventor, with a number of patents related to motor engineering and particularly supercharging.

President, how much I value your looking after me and all the arrangements that have been absolutely superb. Eyaton is purely a matter of conjecture, and I think the less said the better.

On the salt bed which has to be carefully prepared by dragging, we paint one or more black lines along the whole length. Between and he set three new land speed records, wresting them from Malcolm Campbell’s Blue Bird, but was twice bettered by John Cobb.