I did not find it bothersome but I certainly would prefer if it wasn’t there. Qobuz announces US pricing plan, will Tidal feel the heat? Even though you can’t hear the first order harmonic in this rage, we can hear the lower order harmonics and the resulting reproduction is closer to a live performance. I am certainly all for it! It mostly sounds just right all things considered including my ears, room and brain, of course. Submitted by Rob McCance on September 27, – 6: Submitted by ednaz on September 28, –

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In other words, it guesses wxd, and they’re very well educated guesses from the sound of it, and puts musical data back in providing a much gentler rolloff above 22kHz as compared to a brick wall. Exactly who did what, when and how is as relevant as knowing what DAC chip is inside any given DAC which is to say it matters as much or as little as you care to imagine since what really matters is how the finished product sounds.

Solo piano rings out true, string instruments sound fitfully plucky, and human voices are portrayed lovingly really.

Favorite Sound Munich High End Greatest Bits The exD on the other hand is tube based and decodes all input signals in native sampling rates for best results. Not to mention the impact on my cashflow. Any further upgrades to algorithm capabilities will be dependent on firmware upgrades, of which I am assuming via the USB input, due to the lack of a LAN or RS com port style plugins. Heco Direkt Einklang July 16, Interpolation is not really new. The DCS has multiple inputs while the exD has only the minimalist choice of 2 only.


Associated Equipment Also on hand and in use during the Dragonfly review: I agree and feel reviews in general rxd help whittle-down the field of play, as it were. I think DACs may be the component most fraught with subjectivity, at least in my experience.

At least they were big Qobuz announces US pricing plan, will Tidal feel the heat? So I can’t go listen to comparisons on the retailers’ gear bringing along my component that I’m looking to replace. Related Latest Reviews Recommended. There’s nothing about its sound to distract from music enjoyment and the fact that it throws in native DSD playback, which can be positively stunning, is the cherry on top of an already mightily inviting package.

Sonore/exD DSD USB DAC

Soulution — a Swiss amp goes for a Highland usn. There’s also a slight flatness to some PCM-based upper frequencies where something like a cymbal’s trailing hiss sounds somewhat 2D instead of fully 3D.

If so, perhaps the quality of those caps could influence the sound quite a bit.

And there’s the rub When sitting and relaxing and listening, I found myself being led from album to album in mood mode as opposed to sound mode which is a very good thing, imo. Naim Uniti Atom sits pretty. Aurender N10 preview and a lack of subtlety. Interesting is a good start.


exD DAC –

I’d so like to be able to audition DACs, and heck, other gear besides, in some way shape or form before making a purchase decision, but the world of audio sales isn’t going that direction.

After all, not everyone has the time to listen to DACsfor example, full-time.

I’ll also mention that there is a slight tick sound when switching between DSD tracks using Audirvana Plus. In most system, uab the sxd three pedal notes can be heard, but with the Bryston BOT-1 and the exD DAC playing via BDP-1, I could hear distinctly, each and every piano pedal note, crystal clear, with spring creaks and sponge dampening the wires on the inner piano body.

The exD does not lacked in any areas in terms of transparency, as proven when I slotted the Bryston BOT-1 disc transport in to my BDP-1 at the end of the review period.

exD USB-SPDIF Converter (ideal for dCS/EMM Labs equipment) [Expired]

Cambridge Audio is doing it with their polynomial curve fitting algorithm licensed from Anagram. Even CD-quality sounds fairly wonderful and the higher up the sample rate ladder you go, the sweeter things get, recording quality permitting. I can’t imagine they’re anything real special for the asking price.