Once you make your initial connections, there’s not too much to be aware of on this, as it’s pretty simple. I chose it for its special features stereo input jack or XLR stereo output, midi, headphones, Ratings and Reviews Write a review. If you are happy with Cons by the headphone jack was very average interest since it is not independent of Out You probably couldn’t make a professional sounding recording, but if you just want something with a few mic inputs to use in your DAW, the UA sounds just fine for that.

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Also, it allows a digital output to input bridge, allowing rewiring sounds into teh UA without leaving the digital domain. Skip to main content. Functions as a second sound card, windows 7 drivers loaded, everything is good.

Asio drivers had no audible latency 5 ms Tracktion told me. I have often accused it of breath but that was my connection was rotten Today I have enregistrment nickel. The Edirol UA Digital Recording Interface features an analog limiter, which reduces sudden overload sounds common in field recording and popping sounds without sacrificing sound quality. Roland makes a great product that is both small and convenient as well as reliable.


Honestly, compressor and limiter are not great. The manual for the Edirol UA is complete and thorough and while I never had much use for it, if you are a beginner and this is your first audio interface, I would definitely recommend having it around. Sort by most recent most useful. Using a wide variety of balanced input and output ports, the Edirol UA Digital Recording Interface generates low noise and has a wide-range power supply all via USB.

This type of interface is a perfect way to start building your small home studio.

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It is compact and very robust as hardware, easy to use and convenient for transportation. It’s all there, and easy to use. Additional Product Features Product Type. The UA includes a pair of high-quality microphone preamps that utilize premium analog components, providing a clean recording environment to ensure perfect recording every time.

The Product works great with Sonar. Write a user review. I use a Mac and all types of instruments: I use it especially for the sound of conferences, but also to catch live musical groups.

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The Edirol UA is a great tool for any budget. What does this price mean?

If you are looking for a smaller interface that will give you a better quality you can look into the Mbox line of products. The UA packs a lot of recording power into a small package. People who bought this also bought. The quality of recording is just as good if not better than my Allen auvio Heath board.


Edirol UA-25 Digital Recording Interface

I think it’s great and I will probably stick with this company. As a bonus, it’s all aluminum enclosure helps fight outside interference as well as hold up an ageless appearance for many years to come.

I had the UA20 before, but have not really tried other models at the time.

Everything worked like it was suppose to and never froze up my computer or my program. Cons by the headphone jack was very average interest since it is not independent of Out This product is no longer manufactured. Ediirol problem is likely due to years of use but it is regrettable to have to change hardware for this kind of glitch.

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The sound is consistent with the sound.