A suitable cable is supplied with the Dual Digital. You will probably see the warning that libdvdread: Your browser does not support script. So now change your hardware. It turned out to be a major pain in the ass. In this dmesg you can see that it found our firmware that we downloaded and changed our USB from a cold state to a warm state. So we will reload the module that we removed before.

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Shaneboy1 Replied on February 17, This is an dvicl port in both cases – not one of the ones at the rear that you can access from outside your computer. This page should be cleared off in preparation for deletion.

Dvico FusionHDTV USB DVB-T – PC Components – TV Tuners – PC World Australia

The Xroid A1 features the familiar video player that supports virtually all types of video files out in the wild today. How satisfied are you with this response? If anyone gets it to works with Window 7 please let me know how. Customize Xroid home with widgets.

Dvico FusionHDTV USB DVB-T

You should see all your channels being found. Let me step you through it if you get this problem. That should have your dcico out working at least. Wait for it to finish and we will proceed to the next step.


Overlay on TV-Out stretched. I did try xine but it failed to play a Divx 5 film that i had. Elle Bee Bee Replied on March 7, It is time consuming and very frustrating to get this to work and even then Uzb was still getting segfaults and unexpected mythbackend crashes.

DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital Installation – MythTV Official Wiki

Fully functional Web Browser. This I found to be the most painful as I was using the wrong driver for a long time. This is very useful when you don’t want your kids scratching up their or your DVD’s. Tuner specific information should be migrated to the LinuxTV Wikiand any additional information moved to more generic pages.

To get around this problem there is a flag in the myth source to use ATI’s drivers: Sengupta’s post on February 11, VLC – Lirc Keys. When installing your card, ensure that you plug the dvico audio-out port into the CD-in port or AUX, if you have oneon your sound card or directly into your motherboard if it has onboard sound.

When you log in the TV will light back up. From the simple to read VFD front panel to full feature control buttons to WebRemote interface for controlling with your smart phone, the TViX is convenient and easy to operate.

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Transferring files between Xroid and a PC is blazing fast. It was surprisingly easy to configure too:. So we now need a way to make sure that the IR is always the same device. Another thing that may stop the following from working is if lircd is running.

Dvico Fusion HDTV5 USB gold? Doesn’t work in Windows 7.

However it told us that it needs the usb2. Ksb good guide for installing ATI drivers can be found here: When you use the texturedvideo overlay you will probably see blue people.

Funnily enough the TV seems to be updated faster than my monitor!

I tried the latest driver and it still didn’t work. The following is tweaks made to your xorg.

Xroid features Android OS that lets you customize the applications to fit your needs.