Hold the module by its edges, with the nonmetallic edge toward you and the small notch at the bottom. Use their documentation to find the requirements. Do not forget to remove the tape from the cartridges. Do not touch the stainless steel strip that runs the length of the printer behind the cartridge carriage; its edge is very sharp. When the word “English” appears on the front panel screen, press the up or down arrow until your language appears.

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The settings below are found in the Printer Setup menu. Press the down arrow until you find Nest or Nesting and press Enter. If you are using the roll supplied with the printer, scroll to Coated paper. Is This Content Helpful? Plug the power cord into designejt socket at the back of the printer, and then into your power outlet.

For other applications, see below for advice, desginjet if necessary, contact your software vendor. Press the down arrow next to the front-panel display to indicate you are loading a roll.

For details on software versions that are supported, see the documentation included with them. Contact our Support Team.

HP Designjet and C Plus Printers – Setting up the Printer | HP® Customer Support

With the nonmetallic edge angled to the right, firmly push the module into the slot. Push it far enough to be firm, but do not use excessive force, as this may break the tabs. Inspect the printer itself and the above accessories. For the HP DeskJet C Plus printer, each stall in the carriage has a dot indicating the color of the cartridge that should be installed.


Asia Pacific and Oceania. If the media stop falls off, push it back in until it snaps into position. Press down arrow to continue.

Do not forget to remove the tape from the cartridges. Under the Driver heading, click Download next to the software package you want to install.

Javascript is disabled in this browser. The instructions that follow explain how to specify and apply Configuration A. Press Access Cartridge s and edsignjet for the cartridge carriage to come to a complete stop next to the front panel. If your printer has only one memory module, it must be in slot number 3.

How To: Configure the HP DesignJet 750c and 755cm for use with ArcGIS

Europe, Middle East, Africa. Click the Advanced button. ESRI Support currently has this printer in house. Do so until the message disappears. The media cutting knife used in the next step is sharp.

In most cases, you do not need to add the printer for each individual software application just once for all Microsoft Windows applications, for example.


To achieve the best performance from your printer, we recommend you use only genuine HP interface cables, whose reliability and performance have been desigjjet tested to give trouble-free performance.

If you have color vision deficiencies, you can identify the colors of the cartridges by the part numbers on the boxes. Because the printer has a limited amount of memory may large prints may spool, hang, and never print. Check that you have all of the designjeh items You need the following items, which were supplied with the printer:. A roll of suitable HP media is supplied with your printer. Then align the left and right edges of the media so that they are flush with the edges of the roll.

Insert the spindle so that the large media stop is to the right and the small end cap to the left.