Can I get it fixed by computer repair for a decent price? But my processor has failed on the Dell inspiron n Used this as a guide to get to what I correctly suspected to be a loose connection to the screen. A very good tutorial. The touchpad icon is even missing from the tool bar.

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What could be the problem? But my processor has failed on the Dell inspiron n From a your pictures it does appear that the top cover only has the keyboard on it.

Dell Inspiron M Black specifications

I checked device is on by a usb charging cable. Thank you very muchGod bless you. Thanks for posting with detailed steps and pictures. Laptop turn on itself after recieving power. Thanks for the lesson… Pls how can i replace a damage vga.

It appears to have become stuck in the case m55040 some way. Dell inspiron M Is it possible to change my amd Processor to a better one? I have a Dell Inspiron N Fan is not running. Carefully lift up one side of the locking tab with your fingernail. I had to remove three screws from the top, not just one, before I could remove the top cover.

How to disassemble Dell Inspiron M N – Inside my laptop

I am trying to put the screws back in the laptop. You can lift up and remove the CPU after that. Your explanation is exemplary and should make replacing the HD very simple.


Thank you very much — but wanted to let you know, I struggled some with step 13, because of the second screw still holding the cover from step 11, which is located to the lower left of the one screw highlighted by the red circle and almost directly right of the the left yellow arrow — — just thought I would mention it, if anyone else has problems.

My problem is that the jack doesnt work unless I hold the headphone cord in a certain spot.

Again, a million thanks for the guide. After all latches are unlocked you should be able to lift up the top side of the keyboard and turn it upside down on the palm rest.

Dell Inspiron M5040

Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. I found this video more helpful! The other two are pretty close to the one circled in vell picture, but the other two were not mentioned. However the keyboard in my computer just refuses to lift up even with the tags pressed. I restarted and it still did not work. It was a real dick move delll Dell to put the RAM under the keyboard and not in its own bay on the bottom of the machine, or at least somewhere more accessible then where it is.


On the bottom side of the top cover you can access the power button board with cable and the touchpad with cable. So I am not sure where the short ones go and where the long ones go. Each laptop maybe use more than one type screen.

Dell Inspiron M5040 Parts

I have holded power button to turn off but it does not turn off laptop. After you remove the top cover assembly as it shown in the step 13 you can easily access the button board. I want to replace my power button. Great step by step. Hey this guide was really helpful. The locking tab will open up at a dsll degree angle.