Yes, 15z with WIn7 is a great puter. Thanks JD, I have previously spent ages looking for a fix for this, only to find this today…. IBM pioneered this technology in their ThinkPad line way back in and Dell has implemented it as well. To start with the facial recognition software, I believe it is called FastAccess. Got me on the right track even for Windows 8.

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Hi Than, Thank you for your nice comment!


Here are some relevant links:. Hope some of this helps, sorry to not have any more definitive solutions Tony. That might help with the tiny quirks you are still experiencing? Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft rell of companies.

Hi Chris, Thank you for your comment and for your kind offer to link to me. Here are some relevant links: Hi Jure DJ, Thank you for your comment. I am on a Dell Latitude E Have a great week!


J.D. Hodges

Hi M M K, Thank you for your comment. I am very glad the driver worked well for you! This report will quickly discuss how to fix this hardware device problem, including an actual example of downloading the device driver from the official website of Dell to get rid of this Unknown Device in the Device Manager.

Thank you for the new link Tony! Hi Nurtin, Thank you smi8800 your helpful comment!

smo880 After downloading the device driver for Free Fall Sensor, you must run the driver executable file, reboot your Dell PC, and make sure that there are no more problematic device or Unknown Device listed in the Device Manager. Problem solved om my Latutude E Running on Dell Latitude E After hybernation it never connect to the external monitor HDMI untill the cold restart. Have a nice week, J.

Click here to learn more about this option. Misc LinksSoftware Tipstech tipsWork delldownloaddriversmowindows 7.

Hi farhod, Thank you for your comment. Driver Detective will keep all the device drivers required by your PC up-to-date and will also aid you in fixing easily problems caused by device driver corruptions, failures, and accidental erasures.


Hope you have a great week. Hi Rudy, Thank you for your comment Rudy. My friend had a similar issue with his Dell M I will update the article to reflect the information you provided.

Worked like a charm, thank you for the informative report, and workng link. Hi Walter, Thank you for your comment Walter.

Thank you so much! Got me on the right track even for Windows 8. I am a big fan of the Vostro line of Dell laptops and I am very happy that the driver helped. People want a fortune for them. Your email address will not be published. Hi Dave, Thank you for your nice comment.