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Top airports

  1. *Odessa International Airport
    Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine
  2. Zhovtneve Air Base
    Bolgrad, Odessa, Ukraine
  3. Artsiz Airfield
    Artsiz, Odessa, Ukraine
  4. Limanske Airfield
    Limanske, Odessa, Ukraine
  5. Izmail Airport
    Izmail, Odessa, Ukraine
  6. Limans'Ke Airport
    Limans'Ke, Odessa, Ukraine
  7. Liman Airfield
    Odessa, Odessa, Ukraine

* scheduled airline service

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Latest comments

Limanske Airfield
Nikolay: Limanske Tower 118.150 MHz. [read]

Odessa International Airport
Poor runway condition (rwy 16) in 2010: I landed in ODS in May 2010 on board a ... [read]


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