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Top airports

  1. *Hosea Kutako International Airport
    Windhoek, Khomae, Namibia
  2. *Eros Airport
    Windhoek, Khomae, Namibia
  3. Dordabis Carpet Airport
    Dordabis, Khomae, Namibia
  4. Greub Landing Site
    Khomae, Namibia
  5. Hannover N Airport
    Khomae, Namibia
  6. Julia Landing Site
    Khomae, Namibia
  7. Nauchas Landing Site
    Nauchas, Khomae, Namibia
  8. Kiripotib Landing Site
    Klein Nauas, Khomae, Namibia
  9. Cowdray Airstrip
    Khomae, Namibia
  10. Louwater Pan Landing Site
    Khomae, Namibia

* scheduled airline service

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Latest comments

Kiripotib Landing Site
More details: Once can also land in the nearby salt ... [read]

Kiripotib Landing Site
Kiripotib Landing Strip Details: GPS location: S 23° 19' 50'' E 17° ... [read]

Hosea Kutako International Airport
FYWH: RUNWAY 26---110.30---258º [read]

Eros Airport
re: Cessna 210 crashes after takeoff: Hi, In defense of Eros Airport as ... [read]

Eros Airport
Cessna 210 crashes after takeoff: An Atlantic Aviation Cessna 210 lost ... [read]


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