Page 37 18 inch. Repack the printer in it original packaging if you need to ship or transport it. Page The printer will return the print head to the vertical position established before turning on Oversize modes at the completion of printing of the current barcode symbol. It provides an excellent solution for mission critical printing needs, even in harsh working environments. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. The display shows OPER.

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The printout starts as soon as you select this value. The display shows alternately: To unpack the printer proceed as follows: Make sure that the printer is turned off. Turn the printer off and then on again. Press the key when the printer is turned on and is offline or online without printing. The operator panel enables you to perform many of the printer functions including dompuprint path selections, font selection and the printer setup.

The compuprit in the following page shows the structure and how to move inside the Program Setup. Page 58 Interface Settings Depending upon the installed Controller Board, the printer can be equipped with different interfaces to connect to the host system. To print the manual completely, please, download it.


Make sure that the ribbon is inserted correctly between the print head and the print head mask. The fastest Serial Printer today available in the Printing World Compuprint plus combines performance and ruggedness of a Line Printer in a smaller layout PPH page per hour LPM lines per minute Million characters Print Head life Compuprint plus adopts enhanced and improved electronic and mechanical solutions that move the real print performance to an unbeatable level. The Compuprint combines the performance and ruggedness of a line printer, while offering the paper flexibility and the superior print quality of a 24 pin serial matrix printer.

Now the access to the printer setups is locked.

Compuprint 10300 User Manual

Front2 Push Tractor Installation An additional front push tractor may be installed on the printer. Product Description Specs Review The Compuprintthough smaller than a line printer, has the ruggedness and performance of a line printer. Insert the connector cable in the electrical connector located in the lower push tractor. If you need to remove the upper push tractor, turn the printer off.

Compuprint | Impact Printers | Compuprint Series

Lit when one of the printer setup procedures has been selected: Compuprint combines performance and ruggedness of a Line Printer in a smaller layout. Open the left and right sprocket covers.

Keep all the packing material, together with the repacking kit, in a safe place.

The values set are valid until the printer is turned off. Unlock the sprockets of the Front1 tractor moving the sprocket levers up.


Open the tractor area cover turning is upwards until it stops. The printer compyprint return the print head to the vertical position established before turning on both BOTH Barcode and Oversize modes at the completion of printing of the current barcode symbol.

PATH pressed automatically ejects the paper towards the rear of the printer.


compuprin The display shows OPER. Page 85 Main Structure Print out? Such print performance combined with eight copies capability, dual tractors, wide range of barcodes, macrocharacters, emulations, interfaces and extraordinary global reliability make the.

Close the packing box and fix it to the transport panel by means of the packing strip, inserting the plastic angles between the packing strip and the carton. Page changing the Macro or pressing the key is pressed, the PARK printer performs automatically the parking procedure.

A unique paper handling path for two simultaneous forms and the zero-tear-off capability make the printer the ideal compupriint for high demanding mission critical requirements, yet support a variety of forms and documents. For copmuprint function the following values must be set: It must be used if you need to repack the printer for shipment.