Project 35 — Covert Marker Cam Here is a novel approach lo installing a very tiny microcamera into a marker Lid so that it will not be detected by the subject even if be or she picks up the marker for visual inspection. The best type of DC adapter to use on microcameras is one with an eketronk voltage regulator, not just a simple diode and capacitor setup as those are horrendously noisy. The plan is to remove the handset from the telephone and install an input and output jack so you can feed your audio sources into the phone and use a pair of headphones or a recording device to monitor the duplex audio. If everything seems to work, put it all back togeiber. Depending on how far you want to go with your modjficadoDs, and or new designs, you may Truth is Out also want an oscilloscope, as this will make the debugging process much easier, especially when attempting to design your own original circuits. The source code presented for the key logger project in Section 1 1 is written in PicBasic Pro for the PicMicro 16F microprocessor; however, it is presented in a simple format that can easily be ported to any language for just about any microprocessor.

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The rigger will most likely consist of a iwo’Slage switch that you press halfway down for focus, then the rest of the way for taking the photo, so there will be at least three pins used, and possibly four, depending on the design.

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Select the link below that best matches your interest. The record trigger will bo placed in some position on your body to allow the siaii and stop functions of recording to be activated czmera letting he target know you are doing so. Throwing a microcassette recorder in your shirt pocket and hoping you won’t run out of tape or battery power before you get the “good stufT is no way to pull oft his mission, you must plan ahead. Notice how the microphone is aiming slightly offset towards the center of the lid.

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The other problem we must address in order to make life with the microrecorder more tolerable is the ability to start and stop the recording function without making it obvious that we are doing so. A fire detector, a clock radio, a hat, even a pair camrea sunglasses with a camera hphind the lens — ail with a hefty price lag to boot, but I will soon show you bow wfb make a device comparable to the very best unit available for a tenth the price!

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Video camera resolution is not nearly as high as digital camera resolution, offering an image size of approximately x as compared to the X or higher Tcsoluhons of newer digital cameras.

A few more peunts when mating the digital camera and gun sight. Also, check the specifications for your camera and recording device, as there will most likely be an impedance requirement for the cable to be used such as 50ohm fc 75ohm.

More than likely the evil designers that mode the camera will have used 27 different sized screws with some type of whimsical head, so be patient, and try to remember where they all go for the reassembly part that will hopefully follow. If you leave the unit turned and plugged into your phone line, you will not be able to receive incoming calls, as the unit will act as if it were a qeb in use on the line.

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Place a bii of black cloth or cardboard not shown in Figure 1 1 over ibe camera lens and gun sight to stop ambient light from rcfleciing off the gun sight exit lens, and set your digital camera’s focus and exposure manually for best results, if you can.

A computer is by far the best solution for editing audio, since it can be done by simply clicking a few mouse buttons in order to cut and paste the imponani bits around much like text in a word processor.

If you do end up with a stalled servo, just play around with he values of the variable resistor and the one in series with it until you find a happy medium. The NTSC video signal contains all the information that a video device needs in order to decode the data into an image on screen including luminance picture informationchrominance color informationand the vertical and horizontal sync pulses that control he way the image is drawn.

The trigger switch can either be held in the hand while carrying the bag. The inside wrb the cabinet is large enough to contain the camer board, dual pocentiomeiers. In this riproaring classic, the audience is treated to a hilarious behindthescenes peek at an acting troupe rehearsing and performing the farce nothing on. Camear telescope seems to woik fine up to about X magnilicaiion. Informationweek, serving the information needs of the.


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This way, 1 con act naturally, and have my hands free when starting or stopping the sucrorecorder. Note that it’s recommended to have 4 Gib RAM if you run the x64 version of win7 and 2 for the x32 if I’m not mistaken.

Wbea using the device as an input into another recording device, feedback is not an issue, but you mu. You might think the recording Is wasted at this point, hut with a little patience and the right combination of audio filter it may surprise you how much a bod signal can be restored.

If your camera did not wsb with a mounting bracket like his, you can make one by drilling a few holes in a thin strip of steel cui from a paint can or coffee tin. U would be very weh to wait for 15 minutes just to see if the circuit is working properly.

Unfortunately, this version of the device sent dangerous voltages into he audio device, and was very ]Hcky about line polarity and the number of devices connected to the phone line. Any piece of transparent tinted plastic such as a sunglass lens can be cut to look camwra it belongs on the bag. To create a device that will let you know when the phone line is not In use.

I have set the DMZ box to point to The wire shown in Figure is actually a little too heavy for this project only because I had a difficult time photographing the actual wire I used, but it does show the general idea.

Connect this unit lo a VCR and motion sensor, and it will run for days, doing your dirty woric for you. Posted on Jan 02, If you plan on making this permanent Installation, then go ahead and pour in the hot glue or epoxy once you find the perfect insullation location. This type of work camear common when trying to catch a suspected thief in the act.

Project 6— Filtering out Background Noises When collecting audio from your target, it is not always possible to get close enough to capture a clean.