If the application does not allow you to use a COM port number assigned by BlueSoleil, you will not be able to use BlueSoleil with your application. If you are connecting to a phone, your phone may ask if you want to ask the BlueSoleil computer to your device list. The install application will automatically start. The very first time you use BlueSoleil, the Welcome to Bluetooth screen will appear. The LMP version of the local Bluetooth device. BlueSoleil will detect each insertion or removal of the USB adapter.

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Bluetake BTSi Bluetooth USB Adapter and BTG5 Bluetooth Headset –

Permits other Bluetooth enabled devices to detect your computer with Limited Inquiry. Bt009si not initiate a connection, only start the service so that your computer will be ready to receive objects. After you have started the service in BlueSoleil, now you are ready to initiate the connection from the remote device.

Start the Object Push service, following the instructions in Chapter 3.

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Product warranty or service will not be extended if: Security Configure the security settings of the local device e. If the icon is white, then you need to start the service in order to use it. Stop Service Stop the vt009si local Bluetooth service.


Add the selected device. Prohibits other Bluetooth enabled devices from detecting your computer. The phone’s folders are shown in a window. The passkey must be provided on both sides to complete Authentication.

Connect the equipment into and outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Always on Top Keep the BlueSoleil window always on top. Do not use this product while in the hospital or btt009si. Right-click on the icon to display a pop-up menu of related operations e. Do not attempt to disassemble or alter any part of the product that is not described in this manual.

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If two devices are connecting for the first time, or if two devices do not have bt009wi trusted relationship, then the same passkey must be provided on both sides to complete the Authentication.

The Dial-Up Dialog will appear.

The captured image will be transmitted to your computer and displayed. Remote Devices — Operations Single-click to select.

Therefore, please check your system in advance and ensure it meets in the minimum requirements as described below. Right-click to display a pop-up menu of related operations. Verify that the service you want to use is supported. Low Security Mode 1, Non-secure No security procedure is needed for connections.


These are generic instructions for any type of Bluetooth enabled device. Browse your computer from the remote device. If BlueSoleil discovered more than eight devices, use the scroll bar to view the remaining devices discovered by BlueSoleil.

After a device has successfully paired with your computer, the remote device icon will have a red checkmark next to it. A list of local services will appear.

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For instructions, refer to the user documentation for the remote device. After a device has successfully paired with your computer, the remote device icon in the Main Window will have a red checkmark next to it.

Typical Usage – Send fax via bh009si Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. Install the driver for the printer, and remember to set the printer port to the correct COM port number. Similarly, whenever an application gt009si the Bluetooth serial port, BlueSoleil will stop the connection.