What makes a right-angle cordless drill great is the tight places one can get the drill into. DeWalt has put a three speed transmission in this drill, providing up to 34, beats per minute in hammer mode. The location and number of LEDs used for the work lights is important as it affects where shadows form. This one comes with both slim and fat pack batteries, allowing you to pick the battery which is most appropriate for the job. This allows for drilling in otherwise inaccessible areas. They are also excellent for use with large diameter hole saws, as their high speed makes for a smoother cut. Unless you wear safety glasses, goggles are a necessary precaution.

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The drill goes all the way back to Paleolithic times when cave men used a flint point attached to a stick and rubbed between the palms to make holes through bone, ivory, shells, and antlers.

It seems like I’m always working where there isn’t enough light. Compared to Nickel-Cadmium, the old rechargeable battery standard, Li-Ion batteries provide double the current capacity.

Hammer drills always have a switch to turn the hammer action off when not needed, so the drill can be used for normal drilling operations. There is a built-in adjustable clutch, which disengages the drive when at a preset point. It would almost seem like the day of the corded drill is almost high-torqie.

Bosch | VSR 1/2″ High Torque Drill

Right-Angle Drills These are a special new category of cordless drills, designed for use in tight places. If youre looking for a bargain in a cordless Li-Ion drill, take a good look at this Hitachi. As the motor drives the bit around, it also spins two gears that have teeth on their sides.


Milwaukee has put their years of power tool design into creating a drill thats truly a pleasure to work with. The reason for this is that they are used to their Ni-Cad drill slowing down as the battery discharges. Also, it features two finger trigger design and lock-on button for ease of operation, plus Ergonomic handle with soft grip for increased comfort, and precision cut steel gears.

For sheer power, the most important specification for a hammer drill, DeWalt has everyone beat.

I really like tools with headlights. It comes with a built-in bubble level and on-board bit storage, features that none of the other drills in this category have. Even if you have a good cordless drill, its a good idea to have a good corded one as well.

Bosch 1/2″ High-Torque Drill 1034VSR

How compact is it? While electric drills have been a standard part of many tool kits for decades; right-angle drills, except in the case of heavy-duty units used by plumbers and electricians are much rarer.

Although excessive downward pressure is not wanted when drilling into steel, it is essential when drilling into concrete and stone. When he’s not remodeling part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Clint enjoys life as a husband, father and avid reader.

He hopes his efforts 10034vsr PTR will provide builders and contractors with reliable and engaging tool reviews to help them 1034gsr better tool purchasing decisions.

While Li-Ion batteries are becoming more and more popular, they havent been around long enough to bring the price down to the NI-Cad pricing level.

Two drills can make many jobs easier, drll/driver you from having to change out bits all the time. Bosch has developed a patented rotating brush plate that actually works in both directions.

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Bosch | 1034VSR 1/2″ High Torque Drill

The fast charger is well worth having, as it gets me going quickly again. They seem to be able to get more torque out of a motor than anything. Cordless drills have also become more powerful, rivaling their corded cousins. Coupled jigh-torque it’s other features, this drill is what I’ve always expected from Makita; quality.

While those units will work, they are awkward to work with. Today, the trend is more and more towards cordless drills.

Our site uses cookies. Even though the technology of the battery should make them cheaper to produce than Ni-Cad, theyre still too new.

Bosch VSR 1/2 Inch High-Torque Drill – PSC – Pro Supply Center

All of these tools come with high capacity batteries and the charger. When youre doing some high torque cutting, thats an essential. The other thing which I feel is very important is the bosfh of using the tool.

Bosch HD Speed Hammer Drill Bosch has developed a patented rotating brush plate boscch actually works in both directions. What makes a right-angle cordless drill great is the tight places one can get the drill into.