It kind of stinks that the guy got fired. If you had been plowing for 12hrs plus, just had some great weed, you might record this video too. Every once in a while we watch the Pabst Boys Roadhouse videos and laugh. Mar 15, Brian Lohnes 2. Do you already have an account?

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For a bounty mud hole, that is meant both literally and Jan 15, Brian Lohnes 1. Mar 19, Brian Lohnes 3. Dude was just doing his job n turning lemons to lemonade.

Cool Snow Plows You Won’t See in Boston

BangShifter Mike Lang gets all the credit for this gem of a Craigslist find. I’ve seen that before, a stepside was rusted through between the cab and the bed. Say what you will.

He was obviously just trying to be funny by playing off how everyone feels. Mar 10, Bryan McTaggart 1.

Muscle Cars Tuned | Best Car Designs

U all a bunch of northeast jackoffs, glad I live I. Taking pleasure in doing what he did indicates a serious emotional and psychological issue that needs to be addressed. Jan 13, Brian Lohnes 4.

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Not only that but, you also knew that when you moved into or purchased your home that you would have this issue. Jan 18, Brian Lohnes 1. Kinda of boss that would be fired if held to the standards he expects of others.

It makes there job much tougher than it needs to be. And hopefully your mother is not dying in the emergency room like my sons friend in Feb. Lesson for all of us!

Hope he got home to find his own car buried. ChevrolaineFeb 26, Love it when somebody brags about how much money he is making, then ends up on the unemployment line. Monster brought out all their killer machines, the Monster babes, and all Looks like Toyota’s aren’t the only one’s with rusting frame issues. It has been a long while sine we showed you a cool video of a quartet of Humvee trucks being sucked out the back of a military transport plane with parachutes and heading off into the darkness.

We have fawned over everything we have ever found with NAPCO four wheel drive over the years but this Mercury school bangsift is on a completely new level.


Boston Plow Driver

CamaroMan79Feb 26, The weather doesnt care,so suck it up and grab a shovel,baby! Well, this video answers the question of how at least one guy was feeling.

You mass people hate your factory jobs, and it burns you to see someone passing the day having a laugh during work. The Midwest reading your stupid, worthless heartless wanna be jury offs. I lived there for 20 years and now 30 in Virginia. It also filters through the ground making clean water.

If there has ever been a vehicle that Nissan wants and needs to make work for them it is the new Titan. Life is too serious now. Have you ever run a plow? Mega trucks are a curious middle ground between a lifted, powerful mud truck and a legitimate monster truck.

Sorry man, I hope you found a better paying job for the winter to spite the complainers.