There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. We don’t get a strong signal and had new aerial and mast amplifier installed before the switchover. A screen capture function also enables you to grab images of what’s on the screen. Some may argue that my experience is down to my signal. So if you are not technically minded; it is best to request the ‘normal CD’ to be send to you, which will be easier option.

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However, I bought the test-model, B-grade cheap option so I’m not going to kick up a fuss with what was an excellent seller.

August DVB-T | TechRadar

Play through the supplied software and no problems. I had problem with installing it first time, so I un-installed it and re-installed it again, eventually it installed successfully. Sounded very similar to whats been reported here a number of times.

This is probably my best buy of this year and has replaced my TV. Whether this issue was down to mine being a 64bit version of Windows 7 or just plain old bad luck, it’s now working fine as far as I can tell. It’s well detected under Windows and Linux, even the IR remote control works straight out of the box. Back to Windows 7 and a lot of faffing around deleting drivers and letting Windows reinstall.

August Dvb-t205 V2.0 USB Freeview TV Tuner Receiver and Recorder Stick for PC

Alas, after several re-scans throughout the day I settled for my 70 channels. I installed the Arcsoft TV Media software afterwards.

They are very prompt in delivery and I would gladly buy from them again. Buy a couple and for free, you can have a pretty nice soft PVR, and wine, buy wine. So I think the problem must just be Windows 8. I suppose it should be obvious that you need to disable power management to do unattended recordings, TotalMedia isn’t able to wake the laptop up from sleep. When aygust came to testing the aerial we were pleasantly surprised to find that the signal was strong, and the pictures and sound were as good as can be expected given the autust sources available.


August DVB T205 Pc/laptop USB Freeview TV Receiver and Recorder

The provided mobile aerial is absolutely useless I live in a good reception area, but still the provided aerial is of no use! Great to record programmes to take away to foreign parts and play back when abroad.

The product works well if you’re in a area with dvb-f205 Freeview reception, otherwise you’ll be left looking at a blank screen. I’m personally very impressed with the perforance of this minature Freeview stick and would recommend it to anyone, and before you think different svb-t205 certainly don’t work for the company who makes and sell these devices, I’m just impressed with their product and the price.

As advised I tuned the usb with my external, rooftop aerial. Overall this is great little tuner for a tenner but you do need to live in an area with a good signal strength to take full autust of it. One person found this helpful.

I have connected to my rooftop aerial and it found over channels. Following the instructions for Windows 7, everything seemed to install fine, and NextPVR and WMC both saw the tuner, but neither would actually find any channels.


August Dvb-t V USB Freeview TV Tuner Receiver and Recorder Stick for PC | eBay

The media software is very easy to navigate around the menus. This page works best with Augsut. It might serve you if you were on holiday for a week but not as a full time TV replacement.

Removing duplicates we get both Southern and London here ; the radio programmes; the shopping channels and others I will never watch, left me with about 35 channels. The only auggust is that there is no automatic sort of channels, but 30 minutes fiddling gave me a list in the order that I wanted.

I have high ceilings and an 8-foot step ladder, and even dvbb-t205 up that yielded no results. I connected it to the roof aerial, some times the signals receiver drops when it feels like it My TV works perfectly well with the Roof Aerial, so I know it is not to do with the aerial signal qualityI guess the USB dongle doesnt always pick signal from aerial cable! Despite a compelling concept, the gadget failed to win us over as we couldn’t get the tiny aerial to work.

But it has just run and run for days on end without hitch. The EPG is good and it is very simple to select programmes to record. It came with a mini-cd which was useless to me, as I dont have a mini-cd drive I dont imagine many people do!!