Wangaratta Airport

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Basic information (top)

Location: lon -36.415798, lat 146.307007, elev 504 ft / 154 m msl
Status: medium_airport
Scheduled airline service: no
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Weather (top)

Current conditions (rec'd 2014/11/27 07:00Z):

YWGT 270700Z AUTO 12005KT 080V170 //// // ////// 28/M00 Q1017

Airport forecast (rec'd 2014/11/26 19:03Z):

TAF YWGT 261845Z 2619/2708 21008KT CAVOK

Frequencies (top)

Verify before use: may be inaccurate or out of date.

CTAF: 119.1 MHz (CTAF)

Runways (top)

09/27: 1,739 x 60 ft (530 x 18 m) — grass — not lighted

18/36: 5,381 x 98 ft (1,640 x 30 m) — paved — lighted

Latest comments (top)

why: Why can't I contact the wgt? When are ... [read]

WGT: A real shame that the Airworld museum closed down. [read]

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