Taganrog Yuzhny Airport

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Basic information (top)

Location: lon 47.200001, lat 38.849998, elev 118 ft / 36 m msl
Status: medium_airport

Weather (top)

Current conditions for Rostov-na-Donu Airport 40nm (73km) E (rec'd 2015/04/01 04:30Z):

URRR 010430Z 12006MPS 5000 -SHRA BR BKN008 SCT023CB OVC100 02/01 Q1008 04290043 TEMPO 12010G15MPS 1000 SHRA BR OVC003 BKN020CB

Airport forecast for Rostov-na-Donu Airport 40nm (73km) E (rec'd 2015/04/01 03:24Z):

TAF URRR 010202Z 0103/0203 12008G13MPS 9999 BKN010 SCT020CB 530005 
      TEMPO 0103/0124 20005G10MPS 3000 -SHRA BKN007 BKN020CB PROB40 
      TEMPO 0106/0124 -TSRA

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dgs: gsdg [read]

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