Closest airports to Hato La Chaconera Airport

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  1. El Milagro Cojedes Airport
    Cojedes, Venezuela (80 nm/149 km NNE)
  2. Medano Alto Airport
    Médano Alto, Apure, Venezuela (81 nm/151 km SSE)
  3. La Calzada Airport
    Barinas, Venezuela (82 nm/152 km W)
  4. Guanare Airport
    Guanare, Portuguesa, Venezuela (82 nm/153 km NW)
  5. Las Corobas Airport
    Apure, Venezuela (83 nm/154 km SSE)
  6. San Ignacio Airport
    Cojedes, Venezuela (83 nm/154 km NNE)
  7. San Antonio De Barinas Airport
    Barinas, Barinas, Venezuela (83 nm/155 km WNW)
  8. Ganadería Pedernales Airport
    Portuguesa, Venezuela (83 nm/155 km NW)
  9. Agua Clara Airport
    Apure, Venezuela (84 nm/156 km SSE)
  10. Santa Elena de Río Claro Airport
    Apure, Venezuela (85 nm/157 km SE)
  11. Hato San Antonio Airport
    Guarico, Venezuela (85 nm/157 km NE)
  12. Agropecuaria Gamma Airport
    Barinas, Venezuela (85 nm/158 km WNW)
  13. La Trinidad de Orichuna Airport
    L Trinidad de Orichuna, Apure, Venezuela (85 nm/158 km SW)
  14. Los Arrecifes Airport
    Guarico, Venezuela (85 nm/158 km NE)
  15. Las Carmelitas de Apure Airport
    Apure, Venezuela (86 nm/159 km SW)
  16. Ojo de Agua Airport
    Barinas, Venezuela (87 nm/161 km W)
  17. Cunaviche Airport
    Cunaviche, Apure, Venezuela (87 nm/161 km ESE)
  18. Hato Los Mamones Airport
    Hato Los Mamomes, Cojedes, Venezuela (87 nm/162 km NNE)
  19. Fundo la Marqueseña Airport
    Barinas, Venezuela (89 nm/166 km WNW)
  20. Boquemonte Airport
    Portuguesa, Venezuela (89 nm/166 km NW)

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