Joint Base Balad

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Basic information (top)

Location: lon 33.940201, lat 44.361599, elev 161 ft / 49 m msl
Status: medium_airport
Scheduled airline service: no
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Weather (top)

Current conditions for Al Taji Army Air Field 26nm (47km) SSW (rec'd 2011/08/15 06:55Z):

ORTI 150655Z 02012G16KT 9000 HZ CLR 37/11 A2969 RMK SLP051 WND DATA ESTMD ALSTG/SLP ESTMD PA +332 DA +2924

Airport forecast for Baghdad International Airport 41nm (76km) S (rec'd 2015/03/24 18:39Z):

TAF TAF ORBI 241700Z 2418/2518 15006KT 9999 SCT030 BKN080 
      TEMPO 2504/2511 -SHRA

Frequencies (top)

Verify before use: may be inaccurate or out of date.

APP: 126.425 MHz (APP)
GND: 128.75 MHz (GND)
MISC: 126.75 MHz (SOF)
PMSV: 33.6 MHz (METRO)
TWR: 119.875 MHz (TWR)

Runways (top)

12/30: 11,495 x 149 ft (3,504 x 45 m) — other (PEM) — not lighted

14/32: 11,490 x 197 ft (3,502 x 60 m) — paved — lighted

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