Kbely Air Base

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Basic information (top)

Codes: LKKB
Location: lon 50.121399, lat 14.543600, elev 939 ft / 286 m msl
Status: medium_airport

Weather (top)

Current conditions (rec'd 2014/10/26 03:00Z):

LKKB 260300Z 17002KT 9999 OVC024 06/05 Q1026

Airport forecast (rec'd 2014/10/22 00:00Z):

TAF LKKB 222300Z 2300/2324 32012KT 9999 RA SCT008 OVC015 PROB40 
      TEMPO 2302/2315 35014G24KT 
      BECMG 2308/2310 NSW BKN030 
      BECMG 2316/2318 STC040

Frequencies (top)

Verify before use: may be inaccurate or out of date.

APP: 124.675 MHz (APP)
TWR: 120.875 MHz (TWR)

Runways (top)

06/24: 6,562 x 148 ft (2,000 x 45 m) — paved — lighted

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