Charyn Airfield

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Basic information (top)

Location: lon 43.720001, lat 79.474998
Status: small_airport

Weather (top)

Current conditions for Yining Airport 82nm (151km) E (rec'd 2014/08/26 16:00Z):

ZWYN 261600Z 27006MPS 9999 SCT040 24/07 Q1014 NOSIG

Airport forecast for Almaty Airport 108nm (200km) W (rec'd 2014/09/19 06:25Z):

TAF COR UAAA 190500Z 1906/2006 30006MPS 9999 BKN050CB OVC100 TX11/1908Z TN03/2001Z 
      TEMPO 1906/1918 3000 -SHRA BR BKN020CB OVC100 
      TEMPO 1923/2003 0400 FG SCT002

Latest comments (top)

Name of the airfield: Name is unspecified. [read]

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