Closest airports to Chicago O'Hare International Airport

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  1. Turner Seaplane Base
    South Elgin, Illinois, United States (17 nm/32 km W)
  2. Jackson Seaplane Base
    Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States (25 nm/46 km NW)
  3. Dutch Creek Seaplane Base
    Mc Henry, Illinois, United States (28 nm/51 km NNW)
  4. Fox Lake Seaplane Base
    Fox Lake, Illinois, United States (28 nm/52 km NNW)
  5. Archie's Seaplane Base
    Janesville, Wisconsin, United States (68 nm/127 km NW)
  6. Bass Lake Seaplane Base
    Winona, Indiana, United States (74 nm/138 km SE)
  7. Little Sister Seaplane Base
    Hennepin, Illinois, United States (79 nm/148 km SW)
  8. Lake Maxinkuckee Seaplane Base
    Culver, Indiana, United States (81 nm/151 km SE)
  9. Quams Marina Seaplane Base
    Stoughton, Wisconsin, United States (84 nm/155 km NW)
  10. Dewart Lake Seaplane Base
    Warsaw, Indiana, United States (102 nm/189 km ESE)
  11. Beaver Dam Lake Seaplane Base
    Randolph, Wisconsin, United States (103 nm/191 km NNW)
  12. Tippecanoe Seaplane Base
    Warsaw, Indiana, United States (103 nm/191 km ESE)
  13. Winona Lake Seaplane Base
    Winona Lake, Indiana, United States (103 nm/191 km ESE)
  14. Lake Wawasee Seaplane Base
    Syracuse, Indiana, United States (104 nm/193 km ESE)
  15. Diedrich Seaplane Base
    Lodi, Wisconsin, United States (110 nm/204 km NW)
  16. Oliver Lake Seaplane Base
    La Grange, Indiana, United States (114 nm/212 km ESE)
  17. Mississinewa Reservoir Landing Area Seaplane Base
    Peru, Indiana, United States (117 nm/217 km SE)
  18. Lake Sylvan Seaplane Base
    Kendallville, Indiana, United States (118 nm/219 km ESE)
  19. Quad-City Seaplane Base
    Moline, Illinois, United States (120 nm/222 km WSW)
  20. Vette/Blust Seaplane Base
    Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States (120 nm/223 km NNW)

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