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  1. Pilot Creek Ranches Airport
    Montello, Nevada, United States (24 nm/44 km N)
  2. Juniper Airport
    Montello, Nevada, United States (39 nm/72 km NNW)
  3. Lucin Airport
    Lucin, Utah, United States (39 nm/73 km NNE)
  4. Goshute Airport
    Ibapah, Utah, United States (43 nm/80 km S)
  5. Wells Municipal Airport/Harriet Field
    Wells, Nevada, United States (46 nm/86 km WNW)
  6. Delle, Utah
    Salt Lake City, UT, Utah, United States (56 nm/104 km E)
  7. Llama Ranch Airport
    Ruby Valley, Nevada, United States (58 nm/107 km W)
  8. Michael AAF (Dugway Proving Ground) Airport
    Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, United States (58 nm/109 km ESE)
  9. Marys River Ranch Airport
    Deeth, Nevada, United States (65 nm/121 km WNW)
  10. Bolinder Field Tooele Valley Airport
    Tooele, Utah, United States (76 nm/142 km E)
  11. Fort Ruby Ranch Airstrip
    Ruby Valley, Nevada, United States (78 nm/144 km WSW)
  12. Fort Ranch Airport
    Brigham City, Utah, United States (80 nm/148 km NE)
  13. *Elko Regional Airport
    Elko, Nevada, United States (80 nm/148 km W)
  14. Jackpot Airport/Hayden Field
    Jackpot, Nevada, United States (80 nm/149 km NNW)
  15. Red Rock Ranch Airport
    Elko, Nevada, United States (88 nm/164 km WSW)
  16. Payne Field
    Syracuse, Utah, United States (89 nm/166 km ENE)
  17. Oakley Municipal Airport
    Oakley, Idaho, United States (91 nm/168 km N)
  18. Lbl Farms Airport
    Clinton, Utah, United States (91 nm/169 km ENE)
  19. Number 18 Airport
    South Jordan, Utah, United States (92 nm/171 km E)
  20. South Valley Regional Airport
    Salt Lake City, Utah, United States (92 nm/172 km E)

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