Campbell Airport

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Basic information (top)

Codes: KC81 C81
Location: lon 42.324600, lat -88.074097, elev 788 ft / 240 m msl
Status: small_airport
Scheduled airline service: no
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Weather (top)

Current conditions for Waukegan Regional Airport 11nm (20km) ENE (rec'd 2015/04/02 00:55Z):

KUGN 020055Z AUTO 18016G26KT 10SM CLR 19/03 A2984 RMK AO2 PK WND 18026/0047 SLP104 T01890028

Airport forecast for Kenosha Regional Airport 18nm (32km) NNE (rec'd 2015/04/01 00:39Z):

TAF KENW 012338Z 0200/0224 15011G18KT P6SM FEW250 WS020/20045KT 
     FM020200 18013G21KT P6SM FEW250 WS020/20045KT 
     FM021100 19011G19KT P6SM -SHRA BKN090 WS020/20045KT 
      TEMPO 0211/0215 5SM -TSRA BKN015CB 
     FM021500 25012G20KT 3SM SHRA OVC010 
      TEMPO 0215/0217 -TSRA OVC010CB 
     FM021900 29013KT P6SM BKN060 
     FM022200 30009KT P6SM SCT250

Frequencies (top)

Verify before use: may be inaccurate or out of date.


Runways (top)

06/24: 3,573 x 40 ft (1,089 x 12 m) — other (COP) — not lighted — threshold 24 displaced 301 ft (92 m)

09/27: 3,270 x 40 ft (997 x 12 m) — paved — lighted

Latest comments (top)

My aviation birthplace.: I did my Private Pilot training here. [read]

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