Campbell Airport

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Basic information (top)

Codes: KC81 C81
Location: lon 42.324600, lat -88.074097, elev 788 ft / 240 m msl
Status: small_airport
Scheduled airline service: no
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Weather (top)

Current conditions for Waukegan Regional Airport 11nm (20km) ENE (rec'd 2014/10/30 14:55Z):

KUGN 301455Z 20006KT 10SM CLR 06/01 A3012 RMK AO2 SLP207 T00610011 58001

Airport forecast for Kenosha Regional Airport 18nm (32km) NNE (rec'd 2014/10/30 12:21Z):

TAF KENW 301120Z 3012/3112 24005KT P6SM SCT150 
     FM301700 25009KT P6SM BKN120 
     FM310100 29005KT P6SM BKN070 
     FM310400 30007KT P6SM OVC030 
     FM310600 32011KT P6SM OVC025 
     FM310800 33013G21KT P6SM BKN020 
     FM311100 33017G29KT P6SM BKN015

Frequencies (top)

Verify before use: may be inaccurate or out of date.


Runways (top)

06/24: 3,573 x 40 ft (1,089 x 12 m) — other (COP) — not lighted — threshold 24 displaced 301 ft (92 m)

09/27: 3,270 x 40 ft (997 x 12 m) — paved — lighted

Latest comments (top)

My aviation birthplace.: I did my Private Pilot training here. [read]

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