Julius Nyerere International Airport

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Basic information (top)

Location: lon -6.878110, lat 39.202599, elev 182 ft / 55 m msl
Status: medium_airport
Scheduled airline service: yes
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Weather (top)

Current conditions (rec'd 2014/10/23 20:00Z):

HTDA 232000Z 13003KT 9999 FE4W924 25/23 Q1014 NOSIG

Airport forecast (rec'd 2014/10/26 00:54Z):

TAF TAF HTDA 252200Z 2600/2706 00000KT SCT023 
      BECMG 2604/2612 06010KT BKN026 
      BECMG 2615/2618 08015KT FEW024 
     FM262100 00000KT 9999 SCT023

Frequencies (top)

Verify before use: may be inaccurate or out of date.

ACC: 119.3 MHz (CON)
APP: 119.6 MHz (APP)
TWR: 118.3 MHz (TWR)

Runways (top)

05/23: 9,843 x 151 ft (3,000 x 46 m) — paved — lighted

14/32: 3,280 x 98 ft (1,000 x 30 m) — paved — not lighted

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