Lanseria Airport

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Basic information (top)

Location: lon -25.938499, lat 27.926100, elev 4,517 ft / 1,377 m msl
Status: medium_airport
Scheduled airline service: yes
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Weather (top)

Current conditions (rec'd 2015/05/04 05:00Z):

FALA 040500Z 25002KT CAVOK 08/M01 Q1027 NOSIG

Airport forecast (rec'd 2015/05/03 00:00Z):

TAF FALA 032200Z 0400/0424 VRB02KT CAVOK 
      BECMG 0407/0409 30005KT 
      BECMG 0416/0418 VRB03KT TX28/0413ZTN08/0404Z

Frequencies (top)

Verify before use: may be inaccurate or out of date.

GND: 121.65 MHz (GND)
GTE: 122.85 MHz (APRON)
TWR: 124 MHz (TWR)

Runways (top)

06L/24R: 10,000 x 75 ft (3,048 x 23 m) — paved — lighted — threshold 06L displaced 453 ft (138 m)

06R/24L: 5,775 x 49 ft (1,760 x 15 m) — paved — lighted — threshold 06R displaced 500 ft (152 m)

Latest comments (top)

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