Landstuhl Army Heliport

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Basic information (top)

Codes: ETIP
Location: lon 49.403056, lat 7.536111, elev 1,176 ft / 358 m msl
Status: heliport

Weather (top)

Current conditions for Ramstein Air Base 3nm (6km) NE (rec'd 2014/04/18 19:58Z):

ETAR 181958Z AUTO 20001KT 9999 CLR 03/M02 A2994 RMK AO2 SLP149 T00341016 $

Airport forecast for Ramstein Air Base 3nm (6km) NE (rec'd 2014/02/19 10:08Z):

TAF ETAR 191000Z 1910/2016 26009KT 9999 SCT010 OVC020 620309 621204 QNH2995INS 
      TEMPO 1910/1914 8000 -RA OVC010 
      BECMG 1914/1915 25009KT 9999 BKN010 OVC060 QNH2997INS 
      BECMG 1920/1921 23006KT 9999 OVC007 QNH2991INS 
      BECMG 2009/2010 22009KT 9999 FEW010 SCT015 BKN020 QNH2989INS 
      BECMG 2014/2015 21010G15KT 8000 -RA FEW010 OVC020 620309 621204 QNH2984INS T10/2013Z T03/2003Z

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