Kaldármelar Airport

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Basic information (top)

Codes: BIKA
Location: lon 64.778900, lat -22.256901, elev 160 ft / 49 m msl
Status: small_airport

Weather (top)

Current conditions for Reykjavik Airport 40nm (74km) SSE (rec'd 2015/04/19 17:00Z):

BIRK 191700Z 14027KT 9999 SCT015 BKN042 08/04 Q1020

Airport forecast for Reykjavik Airport 40nm (74km) SSE (rec'd 2015/04/19 15:03Z):

TAF BIRK 191359Z 1915/2015 14020KT 9999 FEW017 BKN026 TX10/1915Z TN07/2006Z 
      TEMPO 1915/1922 BKN013 OVC020 
      TEMPO 1915/2012 15022G32KT 
      TEMPO 1922/2012 7000 DZ BKN010 OVC017 
      BECMG 2012/2015 20016KT

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