The iPod changed the world. Aug 10, , Connecting the camcorder to your PC 1. I am able to copy, play and erase files on the SD card via my computer. Your answer needs to include more details to help people. That option’s accessible with only three control actions, though, so it’s easy enough to do. VirtualDub doesn’t seem to be able to capture direct from the Pocket DV2 in tethered mode.

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Anyway, since the onboard memory does not seem to exist, the camera has no place to write the image to. This isn’t a fair comparison – you could buy 30 Pocket DV2s for the price I paid for my D60 and all its lenses and other bits and pieces – but it does show you what this object actually looks like.

Use the Zoom buttons 4. The Pocket DV2, in contrast, can show photos, and play sounds and videos it’s got a built in speaker, on the side opposite the screenand the interface to do so is quite simple. So this thing is about a hundred Australian bucks cheaper than the cheapest of the “proper” digital cameras – like this onefor instance.

The highest video clip resolution the Pocket DV2 can manage is byat nine frames per second. Not finding what you are looking for? That it has an LCD at all is remarkable.


But you won’t find one at the Pocket DV2’s price point.

Apart from the fact that regular humans can afford them, baby-cams are also small and light and, generally, very easy to use. And now, the outdoor sample shots. Apr 04, Many current consumer digital cameras can shoot video clips of respectable length, and ought to be better at it than the Pocket DV2. Troubleshooting When using the camcorder: Exposure is constantly shifting as subjects move across whatever unknown area it must use to calculate. This camera takes good pictures, by the standards of toy-cams.

At this price point, if you’ve got a use for all or most of its features, it’s really rather brilliant. Aug 09, Here’s a bit of a D60 picture of a house.

AIPTEK IS-DV2 – digital AV recorder

Most of these products just have a two-digit numerical display and a couple of buttons, and as a result just plain can’t have a review function. Where can i go to get that? What won’t do, but can be worked around, is what ought to be the most important bundled app that comes with the Pocket DV2.

You turn it on and off vd2 holding down the wheel-selector on the back. When recording audio with the backlight off, the camera drew mA. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Originally Posted by Ramones, The It seems that the side viewer must be open to record video. Then, it gives you a focussed image, but one that’s only the size of the average little fingernail.


Recording video takes about the same current as standing idle, and power consumption doesn’t change when there’s a CompactFlash card inserted. It doesn’t make you use awful patronising Leg-Up Program software.

Provided the batteries last that long, of course. The great thing about a tiny-cam that accepts CompactFlash storage and can shoot long video clips is that you can experiment with it.

Here’s the Pocket DV2’s attempt. But if you’ve got a CompactFlash card, you needn’t worry.

Make sure the file names are not very long or there may be problems getting them to beed up in the camera’s mp3 player. Click on the icon. Well, OK, maybe it’s fine for some stuff. Aaaanyway, the above picture was shot with the D